Friday, December 30, 2011

Air Race Buffer

On Christmas I went for a ride in the air race buffer. The hills are usually overrun with dirt bikes, so I don't get to that area very often, but I thought it'd be quiet on Christmas. It was! There was a family target shooting in the hills near the houses, and I saw one truck loaded with bikes headed out toward Red Rocks, but other than that I had it all to myself.

I'm trying out Strava, and so far I love it. Ride stats

I passed up a chance to get through this fence and instead I followed the outside of it for miles.

We'd had a temperature inversion trapping smoggy air in the valleys for two weeks, so the air quality was just awful.

Here's one of the pylons that the planes race around.

When we headed for home, we went over the hills instead of back down around them. I saw The Weird Lonely House and had to go ride over to it.

Near the house, I found this map. How freakin' cool is this??

That's a scale map of the bike trails in the hills. Oddly, it reminds me of the Mud Island Riverwalk. Dixie didn't really want to stand still long enough for me to decipher it, sadly. She'd been up there once before, and she knew which way home was.

It was a fun little Christmas ride. I'll eventually get caught up here!


  1. Wow. That's a map? I've never seen anything like that!
    I'm glad you enjoyed your Christmas ride.

  2. Feeling a bit silly, until I saw the first pylon I thought an "air race buffer" was some manner of hovercraft I'd never heard of.

    Thanks for the Mud Island shout-out. As a wee child I either fell (my version), or sat in (parents) the middle of the "river." A less than comfortable car ride home followed.

    Keep up the great work.

  3. Funny, when I was studying the picture of the map I had the exact same thing thought - the river walk in Memphis!

  4. That looks like a great trail! I'm envious of all your open space (my trail access is almost all technical single track). Thanks for the strava tip, downloaded the app for iPhone, I'll see how it compares.

  5. Very cool. I wouldn't have known it was a map. You keep finding neat places to ride. Will check out Strava...

  6. For a moment I thought you'd taken up some type of air racing!


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