Monday, June 15, 2009

Pictures too!

I forgot to link yall to these totally gorgeous pictures I took of Dixie last week. She's easy on the eyes to begin with, but the long grass and pretty sky didn't hurt at all!


  1. Oooh...what a pretty girl! I love the "eyeliner" look she's sporting. Does that pink nose sunburn during the summer? Chief has a slightly pink nose and I'm always watching for burn...none so far. Probably because it's always buried in the grass!

  2. How photogenic she is!

    But, speaking of sunburn, watch out for that clover--it can make horses, particularly white nosed ones, photo-sensitive. Our first colt, Eddie, got burned so bad, over ALL of his pink skin, that he LOOKED pink for awhile, and we couldn't touch him without him wincing! Suffice it to say, our current pastures have been cleared of that particular legume.

  3. Dixie is Delightful!

  4. Somebody loves grass! Her expression says it all.

  5. Sweeet Looking mAre ya got here Fund!She was fantastically WHITE too! Those are way cool pics!

  6. Dixie's face - especially her muzzle, but also under the white-side eye - burns in the summer. I've got some baby sunscreen, and I slather her down with it every day I go out. I think the barn help does it most other days when they turn her out, but obviously if I'm not there I can't swear to what they do. It's definitely helping!

    The paddocks have little patches of white clover, maybe 10-15% of each paddock. The horses don't seem to graze it too heavily. I took those pictures in the outdoor arena, actually - nobody's mowed it all summer, so there's a strip about 2' wide around all the edges that's overgrown with tasty stuff, like that red clover. I had forgotten it can make them more photosensitive - hopefully a few nibbles every other day won't set her off!


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