A standing offer

I used to have a standing offer here, to ride an LD with anyone who wants to try endurance, but I'm taking it down.  If I can, I will train with you and come cheer you on at your first LD, but I am not going to ride Dixie in any more LDs.  Right now she knows that if we're at a ridecamp, we're going to ride all day (and possibly all night!), and I don't want to confuse the issue by only riding four or five hours in an LD.  Sorry, yall - in a couple years I'll put that offer back up, when I'm starting my next endurance horse or when Dixie says she doesn't want to go 50 miles anymore!

I still love to hear from readers, cheer people on, tell you what I did wrong so you won't make the same mistakes, etc.  Shoot me an email at funder at gmail, or friend me on Facebook and we'll talk!

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