Saturday, October 22, 2011

Better Boca pix

These pictures turned out great! Which really annoys me! It's a huge PITA to carry the big camera all by itself in a pommel bag, pull the lens cap, take pics, put it back in the bag, etc. Then I have to get the pictures off the camera and onto the computer. That was just an everyday occurrence with either the big camera or the iPhone - until the new iPhone OS update last week. Now my iPhone sends its pictures to my computer automatically and wirelessly. But it takes average photos at 5000' and utterly horrible ones at any higher elevation, so it's a real tradeoff between my laziness and my desire to show yall what it really looks like in the Sierras. Sigh.


One of the worst stretches of trail, at the high meadow where we heard the target shooters. No, Dixie was not staring toward the shooters; she's not remotely gun-shy.

Steep and rocky...

With a nice view of Boca Hill to the SW.

The big meadow where the reservoir is located.

The reservoir.

A nice view from as high as we climbed. See why I call it a "road"?

I'm seriously thinking about going back on Monday - the weather is turning off colder on Tuesday. Not cold by any stretch of the imagination, but cold enough to make me not yearn to ride in the high country.


  1. Take me with you!! It's seriously beautiful there. I just upgraded to 5 this morning... I do love the Cloud! :)

  2. Ahhh it looks absolutely gorgeous up there. Good to hear you're getting some pleasure riding in.

  3. Such beautiful country!
    The first pic doesn't show up on my computer - message says it is unavailable? - but the rest are gorgeous.
    Looking forward to more pics when you go out again Monday...or Tuesday...or both.

  4. I have to say I love my iPhone 4S ! It takes AWESOME video too! well worth the cost of the upgrade.

    Pics are great, but the first one is not loading on your blog for some reason.

  5. Hmph. Pasted the exact same html code in for the first picture and now it works. Sometimes I hate you, Flickr!

    Jeni - sooooo jealous! I'm not out of contract on the 4 until next summer and I don't want the 4S bad enough to pay the cash price. Just almost bad enough!

  6. My sissy's iPhone doesn't take very hot photos..but my HTC 4g inspire does! One day I'll drop it lanyard.

    Loved that ride!!! Her ears were always perky!

  7. Looks really brilliant! Great shots.

  8. I'm just now able to catch up. What a lovely looking ride, despite the danger of being target practice.

    Looking at those trails is enough to make me wince and glad that I have boots ordered for the Nuts. You boot all four, right? I'm thinking it might be worth me looking into, if the front boots actually work through some class of a miracle. Stupid hooves that defy all sizing.

  9. I need to take some road trips, that is gorgeous! Looks like a definite must for boots, I only boot in front, I've been considering going all 4. Many happy trails while the weather holds!

  10. Yup, if I boot, I boot all 4. She's never tenderfooted or hesistant, so I boot based on how much damage the terrain is going to do to her feet. If I think the rocks would tear up her front feet, they'd tear up her back ones too. does that make sense?

  11. Makes perfect sense.

    The argument I always heard for booting only the front is that the rears tend to be the healthiest and most able to deal with funky terrain without being as ouchy.

    However, I want to boot all four if I'm going over funky terrain. It will be about a month at the earliest before I get my boots, I have to see if they actually are worth it, and then I have to get on the list again for rears. Sigh. Well, next year I could be rockin' the hard trails. :D

  12. I can't wait to hear all the deets about those crazy boots you're ordering, Sara!


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