Monday, August 19, 2013

Dixie Summer 2013 Hoof Post

I've been really working hard (or at least working often) on Dixie's feet and they look amazing.  Here's some before pics, from the end of April.

Too much toe, too much heel, too much everything.

And here they are in mid-August, heels as wide as I've ever seen them.  I could probably take more off the toe, still, but it's easier for me to just go at them once a week and keep them looking exactly like this.  I trimmed, then rode 10 miles bare, then hosed her off and finally at the last minute remembered to take pics.

This one looks awesome - front left.
 This one is still stretched.  Too much heel probably.  Front right.
 Right again.
 Right and left.  Left and right?  Words is hard.


  1. AWESOME. So so awesome. Amazing job. Definite difference! I'd say you're right on track.

  2. Is that a bit of bruising on the heel bulbs of left front?

    1. It's red, but it doesn't seem tender at all no matter how hard I poke at it. Shrug? I'm not trying to downplay it, but I don't know what to do other than slowly lower those heels and watch for soreness.

  3. Keep at that toe! Well done.

  4. Thanks for sharing your pics! Now that I've started trimming myself, I find hoof pictures fascinating:)

  5. Those hooves are clearly serving her well, and in my opinion that makes them gorgeous.

    One of my farriers is a barefoot trimmer that does endurance. She does 50's and pretty much always top tens, and often wins. She does her rides completely bare, no boots or anything. She just started doing endurance three years ago after a lifetime of dressage. She said it is amazing how much more she has learned about hooves and trimming since she started doing endurance rides.

  6. Really looking very nice! In awe of your trimming skills!


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