Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"Fall" riding

I got out to the field today and took a long slow ramble on Champ. I took pictures, too, so yall can see why "fall" is in quotation marks. Trust me, it's not quote abuse!

I love this big oak. Just about every time I ride, we stop at this bend in the trail and Champ grazes while I look at that oak. Think about what all it's seen in its life! Not too far back in the woods behind it is a falling down old sharecropper shack. I should walk back there and take pictures for yall...

Old oak tree

I like this arty photo. Horse! And deer tracks! IT'S ART!

Horse and deer

Over by the biggest pond, I found some (the only) fall foliage. A baby sweetgum seems to think summer is over and winter is almost here.

Red sweetgum

Here's part of the big pond. I think the red in this picture is a sumac, but they are scrubby shrubs and hardly count as foliage.

I am pretty sure this is a persimmon tree. At first I thought maybe those were wild plums, but that tree is too tall and doesn't look like a plum tree.

Anyway, we trotted quite a bit. I experimented with different ways of posting and holding on with my thighs, and I'm getting the hang of it. A couple times I was deep in the seat, barely rocking forward-and-up, feeling like I could one day actually post without stirrups. Hard work, but I'll get it.


  1. Thank you! Not to be creepy or anything, but I thought of your pics while I was out there. You have that shockingly ORANGE volcanic soil. Looks like Alabama to me but I know it's totally different.

  2. Again with the living ridiculously far south! I take it that you're not getting frost in the mornings like us?

  3. dp, we're getting closer! Lows down to 50 (10 in that modern thermometer) this week.

    Just think of all the fun you will have next summer, when I am posting about how it's above 90 at 10 pm and you can make snide little comments about how oh my it's too chilly to really enjoy shorts. :P

  4. I like the area you have to ride in.
    Yea, posting w/o stirrups is a thigh buster!


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