Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy birthday to me!

Yep, I am 31 today. Definitely old enough to know better. Think it'll stop me? Naaaahhh...

I rode over the weekend - and my husband took PICTURES! - but I don't feel like sorting through them and making a real post yet. Probably tomorrow. I went and visited my horses today, too - I didn't actually ride, just loved on Champ and Silky and talked to Kelly while our dogs played. Then I came home and fixed a bizarre yet satisfying meal of bean tostadas, beer, and dark chocolate ganache. Now I'm going to check my horse blog friends and read a Dresden Files novel. Yay for peaceful birthdays.


  1. Happy birthday, Funder! Sounds like you had a good one. Looking forward to those pictures...

  2. HAPPY DAY~ for you and for us!
    Glad you are here and loving everyminuteofit!

    Have fun today...get your pics up!

  3. Happy birthday, Funder!

    We love ya! and I am so thrilled you are only a year younger than me. Sometimes I feel so old... :)

  4. Happy bday!!!


  5. Happy bday! How did I miss this? Hell I even missed that you have a husband--you have been busy while my head has been up my ass

    here is a funny--my word verification is SPERM

  6. Paige, you never hear about my husband because he's been in Ohio, on a job contract, for almost a year. I will probably repost the whole tale after we get him moved back down here in two weeks.

    Haha, sperm - even my word verification is rated R!


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