Friday, April 24, 2009

Crucially important photo update

Here she is, from earlier this week. Note the funky yellow-brown tinge to her mane.

Today I washed her mane and tail with Palmolive. (Then conditioner, of course, cause it's pretty harsh - but we needed harsh measures.)

Her tail came out much better too!

I didn't wash her face yet. She is not remotely grateful for small mercies.

She's such a pretty princess!


  1. That mane needs some pulling, Funder! She would be even prettier if it were all evened up...

    gracess: like braces for your clumsy body

  2. But TWHs are supposed to look like My Little Ponies, with three-foot flowing manes and tails that drag the ground!

    I'm really tempted to pull it, actually. It's so PRETTY but it really does get tangled in the reins all the time.

  3. Oh no don't pull her pretty mane!! (JMHO)

    She looks gorgeous all cleaned up. Spring shampoo! I love it.

  4. She is soo pretty!
    I am about to post some mane pictures too...most trtaditioanl folk will croak...a"A Thoroughbred" with THAT mane! I have not been able to pull(cut) it...I am able to finally "running" braid it May, it will have been a year of grouth for her.
    What do you think? Should I hunter it for summer or leave it and running braid it for the occasionla clinic or lesson?
    her mane Post up for Tuesday.


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