Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Go read this >:(

I link to this site on my sidebar, but this is clear enough that all of yall who don't have gaited horses should go read this post about soring. Go to the Sound Horse site and read those interviews. This is why I don't want to be like Dressage in Jeans, and I don't want to reform the show Walkers from inside. They can all go burn in hell. I won't play the game even to try to change it.


  1. So I've read more of the interviews and it's beyond sad, it's horrible.

  2. So far, this comment really gets me, by the "world champion trainer, farrier, enthusiast since the 50s":

    "I really believe there are a few horses out there that are talented enough to, to not be in violation and then there are horses that come under the heading of counterfeit and you’ve got to violate the law to get ‘em
    to perform."

    He really believes that there are horses performing without soring?

    So is it a fact or is it a belief, a hope of his? He has faith, that some horses perform clean?

    That's what his comment sounds like to me.

    There is a certain level of discomfort horses must endure for our wishes, like, the fact that we ride them into a sweat and such. And then there's a certain amount of pain that we unwittingly cause when we didn't know our saddle pad was dirty, or when our side reins were uneven. And then there's purposefully causing a horse so much pain that it cannot stand up, regularly.

    I don't understand this at all...


  3. Thanks, Funder, for featuring my post. The more we can get info out there, the more we can let people know what's really going on.

    Be sure to watch the vidoes, folks. You'll see some great evidence from the 2008 Celebration.


    There actually are some padded horses that go sound. However, they are usually not competative against the sore horses. The judges continue to award animation over quality of gait, and the only way to get that really low crouch in the hind end is to sore them. This information comes from people I know who used to sore their horses.

    However, when the sore horse people leave from the shows when the USDA shows up, the sound horses can stay and compete. There usually aren't very many of them, though.

    The thing is that whether the horse is sored or not, they can suffer serious pain just being on those stacks. We see a higher level of laminitis and thrush in formerly padded horses than in other breeds. It's from the extremely unnatural angle of the hooves and standing on those stacks with no relief. These horses are started at 13 months, just as you read in the transcripts. The impact on their bodies is, quite frankly, staggering.

    Feel free to contact me if anyone has any questions. I have further information about soring on my website,

  4. Oh Funder, this just makes me cry!
    I have a freind the rescued two beautiful gaited horses from that fate. They were awesome horses and we did the trails together all the time.
    I can't believe it is allowed anywhere! SICK PEOPLE!

  5. Sigh. I think they should just shut down that entire association... most of the people who run it (the last time I check) sore their own horses. Huh!

    Such a horrible shame what people do to their horses. TWHs are truly the saints of the equine world.


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