Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mah truck :(

So I went and rode yesterday, in the outdoor in the Imus saddle. Well, I didn't ride much - we ended up doing a lot of groundwork beforehand, but I did eventually get to ride around. Still forming an opinion about the saddle, and I did orginally have more to say but my truck tried to fall apart on the way home.

I knew I'd been needing new brake pads soonish, but it was never a good time, what with the moving and the Champ dying and all these other miscellaneous expenses that managed to get bumped to the top of the line. But yesterday my truck started making really ominous grinding-metal noises when I turned the steering wheel, and definite bad-brake vibrations when I pushed the brake. So I worried about it all night.

We drove it over to a shop today and we're dropping just over $1000 on it. Needs new brake pads and rotors (ffffffff), a new U-joint, and I'm getting them to change the spark plugs too. I know, spark plugs are usually a home-mechanic level repair, but the #5 and #6 spark plugs are buried deep in the block behind the front driver's tire and brake assembly. They are due at 80k, and I was not looking forward to trying to do them myself.



  1. That kind of a bill isn't welcome. Lately I got hit for a new clutch on my truck. It always seems to make the wrong sized dent in one's finances. But at least you'll feel safer and more confident when out and about.

  2. The machinery field always has it ups and downs and is always changing but progress will never stop. Even in a questionable economy there is always room for growth and expansion. The will and strength of the people is what makes us all able to move forward and accomplish great feats together and construction has always been the backbone of this country no matter the economic status.

  3. I bought an Imus saddle when I'd first gotten John my gaited horse, and I sold it on within 6 months. It was nicely made but it moved up on him, and it squeaked horribly. I was so relieved to get rid of it.

  4. Silly truck. The AC in my Beetle has started getting iffy, but luckily the bloody thing is still under warranty.

    *poke* must post about the Imus! You do remember that it supposed to be placed a little forward of where you are used to putting saddles, yes? Since the tree is flared out at the front yadda yadda.

    I never had the issue of it moving forward. It stayed exactly where I put it. But yes, squeak squeak squeak. Now, if it wasn't so long/pitched me into chair position it might have worked out.

  5. what is an Imus saddle?
    Yes, i am too lazy to do research today. :)

  6. The Imus saddle is created by Brenda Imus, of Gaits of Gold fame (a big name in gaited horses, I assume).

    The 4-Beat, as I call it (it's an Imus 4-Beat saddle), is built with a flexible tree of sorts - bars are flexible, while the pommel and cantle are rigid.

    The rigging is made to be endurance rigged, in fact the ties come off of the back Ds of the saddle so that the knots are back there instead of under the leg.

    The tree is flared in front, so that the shoulders can supposedly move freely underneath it and it can be placed even more forward on the horse than a regular saddle.

    The bottom of the bars are lined with open cell foam, as are the seat and the stirrups.

    The one Funder has is an endurance saddle with "English" leathers. I use english very loosely. It really just doesn't have fenders and instead has a flap from the saddle rather like a dressage saddle.

    It's a nice saddle, and the first time I rode in it my TW suddenly stopped fighting as soon as I asked for the gait (whoo hoo!), but alas I have the shortest backed horse in the universe and, as time went on, I realized I simply need a shorter saddle.

    Well, that and they are designed to encourage a chair seat (it is supposed to mimic bareback position and placement). My dressage instructor was none to pleased over the seat shape.

    Half of this is probably wrong, but it's a Monday and I can't be expected to think. :)

  7. Hummm have n ot a clue on that saddle either?
    I am now reminded that I too- need pads.on my truck...before long it will be more if I leave it...ick!


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