Sunday, May 3, 2009

More lovely rides

Rode Friday and today - she was quite nice both times! It was a "better" ride Friday but I was quite pleased today too.

Friday I really started to understand the "riding back to front" concept. If I ride her with my legs and seat and save the reins to reinforce what I want, she's fine. She let me have the tiniest bit of contact too!

Yesterday I did a bunch of other stuff - farmer's market, haircut, dog park, exercising.

Today we really weren't feeling it, neither one of us. I couldn't really get her to pay attention and bend, and she wasn't trying very hard. Can't win them all. But! A horse cow-kicked the back of his stall, with adjoins the part of the arena we were riding in, and she tensed up just a bit and jumped forward one whole step and calmed right down when I said "Easy." Huge yay!

As long as it's not actually raining when I get out there tomorrow, I'm going to ride her in the outdoor and see how she does. If she flips out we'll go inside but I bet she'll stay with me. :)


  1. Baby steps, girl, baby steps. It will all come together for both of you, with time and patience. Good for her for her minimal spook. You may be surprised--she may love being out in the open. I get my babies out of the arena (outdoor) and into the world asap, it keeps them from getting bored with the round and round. You can practice all sorts of dressage and equitation on the trail--just ask Kac at allhorsestuff!

  2. Hey Funder- GREAT question on the post today. I'll try to make time to sit down and edit that post, with an answer for you. Am taking the Spawn (Spawn = Evil Little Men- must be full moon coming..... am at end of my lead here- if no news from me in two days, please send help...) Am taking Spawn to the lake to hopefully wear them OUT with a couple hours of swimming.... Wish me luck.... ;)

  3. EvenSong - in the past, she's been so scared of invisible monsters that being outside is no fun at all. I'm hoping that she trusts me a bit to keep her safe now. Of course she's in heat now, argh! Once she's out of heat and back to "normal" I'll really be able to tell how trusting she is outdoors.

    Mrs. Mom - oooh, swimming is fantastic. Probably your only chance of wearing out the Spawn. Be careful you don't get in the water yourself or you'll be too tired to drive them home!

  4. Dont have to drive home Fundar-- we live on a lake ;) It partially worked. Now they are eating, and charging up for more swimming later... which I will GLADLY troop back to the waters edge for if it will calm them down!!


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