Sunday, July 26, 2009

One thing

Here's one thing you might not know about me:

We might be moving to Reno, Nevada!

Husband's interview went very well, and we're both pretty hopeful that he gets an offer. The co. said it'd be 2-3 weeks before they let him know, so we just have to hang in there a couple more weeks.

If not Reno, the next two most likely offers are Cleveland, OH, or DC area (NoVA). Both of those are nice places to live and I'm sure there's nice horse bloggers and pretty parks and stuff, but I'm way more amped about Nevada. Husband is too!

In horse news - earlier this week, I bathed Dixie til we both lost patience with the whole exercise, and she didn't look much better after than before. Then I fussed over her mane and tail and combed them out. As soon as I turned her out, she had a very satisfying roll in the dirt. Sigh. Today I went and brushed her til she shined (mud/manure spots and all), then rode for a bit. She was pretty good, but I think she's coming in to heat so she wants to roll every single time we halt.


  1. My fingers are VERY, VERY crossed for the new job in whatever place will make y'all the happiest!

    Good luck!!!!

  2. Oh! Reno would be very exciting! Lots' of horse activity over there....

    (and yes, wherever you're happy is good yada yada yada - but can you blame me for being happy that your coming to the west coast?)

  3. Aarene - if we go to Reno, I'll see you at an endurance ride I bet! And Mel, I will totally crew for you at VC next year!

  4. Well it is about time you turned up around here again--and fingers crossed that you end up where you want to be.


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