Sunday, July 19, 2009

This space NOT for rent

I didn't mean for this hiatus to go on as long as it has. Here's the short version, for now:

Dixie is pretty fantastic. She's gotten steadily better (calmer, saner, more willing) over the last two months til now there just isn't much to say. I go out to visit. She screams hello, runs up to see me, and tosses her head at me just to let me know she's the Queen Mare. Then I saddle her up, and she only pins her ears very briefly every couple minutes - she doesn't stomp or paw or wiggle around. I take her out to the arena, either indoor or outdoor, and she stands calmly while I bring the block over and climb on. Then we walk or slow gait around. There's not enough room in the arenas to really get a faster gait going, sadly. She stops without fussing, and she bends nicely into turns unless there's something interesting to look at on the outside of the circle. Grass or hay on the ground is WAY more interesting than me, but I can get her attention back most of the time. When I can't get her attention back, I can thump her in the ribs with my heels and she does not freak out or get mad, she just swivels her ears back like "oh you're serious? Ok, I suppose."

It's all very interesting yet very boring.

And we're getting ready to move. I hesitated to say anything here - it's not like my husband's workplace knows I exist and reads ever word I write, but blogging things can have unexpected ramifications. However, he's blogging about looking for work now, and it's obvious that layoffs are imminent, so I might as well explain things here. The Columbus security market is still really soft, but it's picking up in several other parts of the country, and he's applied for jobs in really interesting places. Wherever we go - and yes, there's one place in particular we WANT to go - we're going to settle in for the long haul. Hopefully by this time next week he'll have an offer from The Place We Want To Go and I can tell yall about it, but I don't want to jinx it right now!

I think Dixie is due for a spa day. She is disgustingly grungy and she smells horrible. I will bathe her and take Glamour Shots of her and post it this week. Til then - I rode last week and made my beloved photographer come take a few pics. These will tide you over!

I even rode her bareback for a couple minutes! Isn't she beautiful??

Anyway, hang in there and I'll be back to writing about my Pretty Pony and mah dawg and my crazy life real soon, I promise!


  1. Crossing fingers big-time for you and your impending move! (oooh, maybe you'll move closer to the Swamplands and I can meet you and Dixie someday...)

    Dixie looks great--and you look pretty comfortable up there. That's a fine, fine thing.

  2. Welcome back there Funder! Moving again? Ugh- I feel for ya!! Fingers crossed though that you guys get where you want to be ;)

    Dixie looks good!!

  3. You guys look great and she is very pretty. I like her expression in the first picture.

    I'm hoping you get to move where you want to! I expect full details when you are able to share! LOL (Maybe it's California??? Probably not, but hey, I'd love it if you were in my part of the country).

  4. Good to hear from you again. I do hope that the move works out well and especially that it is to the right place. It's nice to see Dixie looking well.

  5. Oh that would be nice to get to move where you wished..hopin' for ya!
    Dixie IS looking very good Fund!
    Can't wait to hear more from you..miss your antics!
    P.S...maybe it's Oregon!


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