Saturday, February 20, 2010

Convention loot!

So I went to the convention yesterday! Just the vendor hall; I didn't think I could pay enough attention to the speakers to justify the cost. There were three people I already knew there (Hi C, Zach, J!) and they introduced me to people who were in fact perfectly nice and friendly. Whew. We looked at all the stuff, then ate lunch, then looked at more stuff and finally started shopping. Except at lunch I started to get a migraine - I guess some of the flashy lights on the damn slot machines triggered it. It wasn't the most excruciatingly painful one I've ever had, but it made me seriously stupid. It feels like my brain is short-circuiting and it's very, very hard to think. About anything.

But I'd figured out a plan at lunch, and I was determined to do all the shopping I meant to do. It took a lot of looking, partially cause I'm picky and partially because I have a big-headed Walker, but I got the tack I wanted. A purple rope halter, with extra knots and rings to convert to a sidepull. A black biothane horse-sized snap-on headstall. 8' purple biothane reins. And a black horse beatin' rope.

Yes, I know, I just bought biothane reins, but they're too short! I love the snaps and like the material, but they're 6 footers and they make my shoulder blades knot up if I ride more than an hour with them. I will save the short brown reins as emergency backup reins, but I'm going to be much happier with slightly longer reins.

I got a black headstall because I really don't think the purple biothane is vibrant enough. The rope halter is that shocking royal purple I love so much, and the slightly faded violet of the "purple" biothane doesn't look fantastic with it. Black looks pretty fantastic though!

The horse beatin rope (technically called an over 'n under) is to replace the lead rope I no longer need to carry. Previously, I rode with leather reins that tied on to the bit with slobber straps, so I needed a lead rope if I had to tie or walk out with my horse. I carried a lead rope snapped to the breastcollar and draped across her neck - it was also handy to have if I needed to whack her in the neck to persuade her to walk past a killer rock or garbage can or something. I hate to kick like a 5 year old on a pony, I don't wear cowboy boots with spurs anymore, and I like having something to encourage the horse if I need to. Thus, the horse-beater. I'm going to clip it to a carabiner and sling it across her neck, exactly where the lead rope used to live.

Anyway, I made it home yesterday, took an immitrex, and fell out on the couch. Today I feel much better, and I got my husband to take pictures of Dixie in her new headgear.

She thought maybe he had some food?

I think it all fits ok!

Somehow she stopped playing with the reins long enough for this picture. (I think the halter knot was too loose here.)

Now it's snowing, so if I don't die in a firey plane crash tomorrow, I will try to blog something weird or amusing from Vegas next week. Hope everybody has good weather and happy rides!


  1. Yippeeeeee, purple tack! We are practically twins.

    (Okay, not really. But this is the interwebs, we can pretend)

    Sorry about the headache, but at least you have successful tack adventures. Feel better soon!

  2. Hahah, I think we have the same (short spiky) hair too. I think you should know I've had pimpin' purple tack since before I started blogging, so we're independent purple fans ;)

    I already feel better. I guess I'm lucky - migraines really suck, but I've never had one that lasted more than 8 hours or so. It could be much worse.

  3. I like to think our horses enjoy the fruits of our shopping as much as we do : )
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  4. Rope halters ROCK! I get migraines too, and let me tell you, if I was at a tack convention/sale, one wouldn't have stopped me either!
    Especially since Texas is not a cornucopia of awesome tack selection, especially for the ENGLISH persuasion! Purple, a great color to go with! :)
    word verif: ropedi=rope halter is di bomb diggety!


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