Friday, February 5, 2010

Horse fashion

I forgot to post it, but Dixie got her first clothes earlier this week! Schneiders had some good sales on blankets, so I ordered a fleece blanket and a waterproof blanket. The waterproof one is on backorder til March, but they went ahead and shipped the fleece one. Yes, I know, it's a very tasteful color which is very unlike me - it was on sale! I have no other excuse.

They're just for when she's at rides tied to the trailer. She has more than enough hair to keep her warm in the pasture.


Showing off all that mane:

Butt shot:
Gratuitous butt shot

I think it fits perfectly. I had to go with a closed-front blanket (the buckle front fleeces were also out of stock til March, and hopefully I won't even need it by March!) and she was totally fine with me slipping a huge blue thing over her head. It seems like her personal motto has changed from "aaaaa don't touch me, you're trying to kill me!" to "oh ok." What a good girl!


  1. Very nice horse clothes there Fund!
    Dixie looks great and always cute!

  2. hey, i've got that exact same blanket.

    you probably saw it on my blog already, the first time baasha wore it, he rolled at the vet's in shavings, and it was just awful.

    i think i got it free with a certain amount of stuff ordered.

    same here, i'd rather have an open front, but i can't complain.


  3. Ooooohh! Very fancy! My poor abused horses have no such fanciness. I will have to hide this post from them. :p

  4. The close fronts are great for layering under blankets and more comfortable for the horse if they fit well. Looks like yours does.
    I have the same ones and really like them better than the buckles in front.

  5. Oh! What a pretty mare. The blanket is nice too, Phebes is needing some new blankets, but we have to totally wear out the old ones first. ~E.G.

  6. Thanks, yall! My horse is wearing popular clothes - I did good!

    Lytha - I remember Baasha with the shavings on his fleece! I'm so glad he's at home sulking about the snow and not rolling in shavings at a vet's office. :)

    Jill - good call on the front buckles. Cheeky - Dixie is my fourth (pitifully abused) horse, and the only one I've ever bought clothes for. It's cause we moved to the mountains - there's really no reason to blanket a horse in Memphis, where I'm from. EG and Kaci - thank you!!

  7. Nice blanket! Fits great - she looks very fashionable!

  8. I'm shipping one of our stallions off to Florida wearing that very same liner! When I lived in Ohio I was SO spoiled cause I lived probably 20-30 minutes from the real Schneiders. Those guys could put on a sale like no store I've ever seen.

    And Gogo is also currently wearing a closed-front Schneiders blanket... just one that's much heavier because it's much colder and crappier here, lol.

  9. Hey! Tasteful color is okay, when ya got such a colorful steed! As George Morris would say, ya don't wanna detract from the horse.

    It looks like maybe a major clean-up was done before the fashion shoot? I start blanketing my youngsters mid- to late-February, to see if I can't get them to shed out just a little bit sooner.

    (I'm also glad to see that I'm not the only one to "re-purpose" used kitty litter buckets to the barn.)

  10. Funder: lookin goooooooood!

    Evensong: kitty litter boxes = best beetpulp soaking buckets!

  11. so jealous of the long beautiful mane. Kazam's our only one with that! Stormy's mane used to be two feet long, and now i'm lucky if it's 8 inches. sigh.
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  12. Andrea - I never went to Schneider's in person! I went to Rod's for my hat, but I didn't do any fun tack shopping in Ohio.

    Kitty litter buckets are the bomb. They're no good to feed out of, but they're great for everything else! That one is my brush bucket. Miss Thing likes to tip it over, so the lid saves the day all the time.

    Merri, she has no shortage of hair. Thickest mane I've ever seen on a light horse! I had to trim it two years ago but it's been steadily growing back ever since.


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