Monday, November 22, 2010

Things I found

While looking for my truck title:

A typewritten, laminated Blockbuster card
Three empty toilet paper rolls (in a desk drawer)
A bag of Pepperidge Farms cookies (empty, curses)
My birth certificate and expired passport (you should see my hair)
Leases for 5 of the last 6 apartments we rented
My tax return from 1998
My law school diploma
Coggins for every horse I ever owned (and one I never owned)
Four years of Geico proof of insurance cards
Proof of rabies vaccination for Linux, my first Lab
The original lienholder paperwork for my truck
Registration for my truck in TN, MS, and NV
The title for the Yellow Death Trailer

Now I am at the DMV with the paperwork for a replacement title. :(

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  1. I found a passport from 1980 last night. Eeeeeeeek!

  2. Hahah, we should post our ancient pics. I'm game if you are!

    Sadly, the nice lady at the DMV informed me that I don't HAVE a Nevada title. I have to write to Tennessee for it. Curses, again :(

  3. I am SO glad that happens to someone else! Matt lost a title for one of his motorcycles a few years back and is convinced--CONVINCED--that i threw it away. >:\

  4. You have to show the picture. No fair teasing.

    Old pictures of me are not funny because of my hair (unfashionable nerd), but because of the size of my glasses. You just don't see lenses that large post 1995.

  5. In my new passport photo I look like a hooker. I over-did the makeup cuz passport photos look so awful so often.

    Now I'm afraid if I don't hooker-up before travelling, they'll deny my international access. But maybe they will, cuz who looks that great after a 10 hour flight?

    If we do a passport photo show, let me know, I'll show both of mine, one from 1991, one from 2008.

    If we do a generic "past us" show, you'll get to see me gothed out.


  6. Hahaha, ok. Christmas is the season of giving! I propose we all share weird old pictures with our blog friends. I would meme it up, but I'm too lazy to make an appropriate tag and invite people to participate. I will ante up one passport photo and one sulky teenager photo later today!

    (Lytha, if only I could find a photo of my husband as an emo teenage goth!)

  7. What is a Truck Title? As I am the ignorant one?...If I am on the right track, is it title of ownership?

  8. Cheyenne - yes. Wikipedia tells me you'd call it a 'vehicle registration document'?

    In the US, you don't get your title til you pay off any liens against it. We paid off my truck in the spring, and I swear I remember getting the title, but I can't find it for the life of me. Today I'm going to call Tennessee and see if it's titled there, and if so I can send a form to them and get a replacement.

  9. I have an old passport photo from when i had approximately your current haircut--i will totally share! I actually miss short hair but i hated growing it out so much that i don't know that i can go pixie ever again.
    I will also post one of Matt's emo teenage senior pictures. :) he is srsly dressed like Neo. No makeup though. Thank God.

  10. Sorry Fund, for your run around...but, you may have a fun, freaky Foto, gig for us in the new year!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. LOL, I'm not sure I'd post what I found in any of my drawers but then I guess is you can post about toilet paper rolls, I shouldn't be afraid. Right??

    Hope things went well with DMV. I know that process can suck.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  12. Funder: it could be worse. You might have found a really mouldy old pie or a liquid banana in there.

    I was thinking about vehicle titles. My truck is titled 'you should clean that out' according to my wife. My computer has a title too. Most often 'piece of s**t' when it misbehaves.

    As for a lien. That's at the weekend, right, when I can get up later?

    Lytha: don't worry about passport pictures. Mine shows me bearded however I've travelled internationally clean shaven and no official cared.

    Please post a photo of you as a goth on your blog. It's a while since I've seen a redhead goth.


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