Friday, November 5, 2010

So beautiful

Last night I thought the sunset behind Dixie was really pretty. I don't usually notice clouds to the north.

Then it got prettier to the west!

Then it just got absurd. It looked like the crappy airbrushed t-shirt you bought when you were 12 to prove you went to Florida over the summer.

Eventually it faded out to a sort of gorgeous bruised color, if a bruise could ever be gorgeous.

That night I got the cats really stoned on catnip and the Weird One came up on the couch, purred a lot, and snuggled up with me. (He's really odd; this is extraordinary behavior for him.)

Today I loved on my fat horse for a while. She told me she was very itchy and needed extra scratching. Unfortunately she's white so extra scratching just brings up the dirt from her coat.

Fat fat dirty girl. (How do I tell what kind of searches get me hits? I bet I get some confused clicks from that phrase.)

She was sure the phone was actually edible.
IMG_1482 IMG_1483 IMG_1484 IMG_1485

Poor starving pony.

Then the sun set and it was fabulous again.

Tomorrow I'll put up a real post, I promise. :)


  1. Looks like a *real* post to me! Neat photos...Except the un-neat pics of a dirty horse. Believe me, I feel your pain!

  2. Love those colors - we've been having those too, but more in the morning. Gotta love a dirty white horse!

  3. HA! Catnip does the trick! My new kitty eats it all up like food!
    Loved the sunsets but your descriptions...humm, too funny!

    Loved the nosin' photos!

  4. Those sunsets are amazing!

    I don't think I'll ever choose to own a white/grey horse - they show their dirt too much. My mud-colored bay? Heck, you can't even tell :)

  5. This is a real post!....What better than natures display and a horse?

  6. What a beautiful sunset! And, I'm glad to see I'm not the only one whose horse thinks the phone/camera is edible. :)

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  8. Wow, you get some beautiful colors out there!

    And there is nothing at wrong having a fat, fat dirty girl in your pasture...especially this time of year when being a little on the fat side means they come out of winter perfectly happy. :D


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