Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mountaintop removal, Funder style

I wasn't really thinking about it when I started, so there's no before picture.


Do you see the wavy dirt line about a foot up the wall? That was where the sandy ground was piled against the wall of my barage. I moved it all away from the wall and reorganized my junk heap.

This is why you don't want dirt touching your wood! >:(

The siding is rotten and there's fucking bugs living in it. Maybe they are termites. They're horrid no matter what they are. At least it's the barage and not the house, cause the termite mitigation budget is sitting at $0.

There's so much here that was built correctly and not maintained right.

There's dirt on the back wall of the barage too, but not nearly so much. A lot of junk to move to get to it, but I'll get it done.

On to more cheerful things! The sunrise was glorious.

Jabber and Cersei continue to sleep very near each other. Apparently I woke up, thought this was cute, and took the picture at 4:47 am.
More snuggling

The thought of those bugs eating my barage was really harshing my buzz* and preventing me from properly enjoying my Vikings game, so I went back out at halftime. The bottom plate and the bottoms of the studs are rotted for maybe 10'. I found some more matching siding in the upstairs, so I should be able to fix this pretty cheap. I feel better now.

I hate bugs. :(

*no actual buzz involved


  1. Is the closeness between Jabber and Cersei something new?
    Sorry about your bug issue--dirt and wood just don't mix...

  2. Cersei usually doesn't let the untrustworthy cats sneak up on her while she sleeps. I'm glad she's relaxing - I think she and Jabber would really enjoy sleeping together. (and it'd be SO CUTE!)

  3. I can't believe all the work you're getting done! I get tired just reading your posts.

  4. I'm with GunDiva - you are amazing!!!

  5. Let the chickens take care of the bugs for you, Won't take long at all!

  6. Hey, if you want to feel better about dry rot, you can come visit us in the Swamp. We've got dry rot and wet rot. Wheee.

  7. Its no fun having to replace rotten timbers. Especially when its only the lower few inches! Pissed me off this year, had to replace several stable wall timbers, due to wet rot!

  8. I can't wait to show my man this post, because it will justify all the work we did making the stone walls around our new barn, to control runoff and erosion. We filled each of those garden stones with gravel so that water can run through, but the dirt is held back. In theory it will work that way....

  9. Bugs and wood don't mix, that's for sure. We have termite damage in our guest house... add that to the list of things to fix (sigh). But, it's great that you've gotten the sand away from your structure - that was quite a mountain you moved!

  10. I have some of this kind of repair to do here too. I'm not looking forward to it.

  11. I agree with Dale and Teresa! Let those chickens devour those icky bugs! YUCK!

  12. Love the name you gave the space "The Barage"!

    Too cute with Jabber and your pooch. When we had our first 2 kitties MIKE AND ELSIE- Mike would not allow Elsie near him as he bed down anywhere...she waited till he was almost asleep.
    They were ALWAYS sleeping together, cutely...but she always had to wait till he settled.

    YOU GO!!! Those chickens should love the morcels you are unearthing..and what accomplishments! Oh to be a new home owner again..I am afraid we've allowed our work to pile and now..where do we even begin?
    I am hoping that spring will revive us!


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