Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Let it snow

Or rain, or whatever it wants to do. My electrics are pretty secure!

First, I double-checked my connections and sealed up the outlet box. And there was light!


Then I built a little box to cover the charger and the outlet. It took all day and a lot of thinking, but very little money. All the materials (aside from the hinges) is stuff I found in the barage.

Roofed it with two pieces of a shingle and some poultry netting staples - I didn't want to go buy a box of roofing nails just for half a shingle. After these pics, I smeared clear outdoor silicone caulk over the staples and all around the edges and overlaps.

When I left to go buy the shingles, I declared War on Funder's Sinuses and bought two more kinds of drugs and one of those sinus irrigation kits. Eeek.

When I came back, I dithered around for a while and got a door hung to my satisfaction. The trim is a) cute and b) hides the tips of the hinge screws that poke through.

I forgot to level one dimension of one part of the box, and it's a glaring flaw to me but hopefully not to everybody else. Oh well, it's incredibly hard to remember to level everything and I'm very happy with the box.


I had to cut too much of the side wall to notch around the brace wire. I need to cover that with some tin or something.

Here's the money shot, with bonus Dixie. I love the way the clouds came out - like a watercolor.

Cersei is a digger-dog.

The sinus stuff worked, btw - I slept GREAT last night. Which is good, because calamity struck overnight...


  1. I can't wait to show my man when he gets home. You are awesome.


  2. Well done!.......I still need that store doin`?

  3. sinus irrigation--ugh. I wondered what you meant by "waterboarding."

  4. Totally the best stuff here..you are saure doing it RIGHT!


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