Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Just a ride

Yesterday I went for a ride. I realized that it was the first time in over a year that I just took my horse out for an amble, with absolutely no goals of any kind. It was pretty pleasant - I'm sure I will be bored by the end of the year and ready to train again, but for now, we're just pleasure riders.

I'm not going to Lake Almanor. Lack of funds. :( It sucks, but there's always next year.

I am continuing to get a lot done around the house. I finished painting the hall - it is such a soothing warm color. And I got the crown molding up, caulked, and halfway painted. I am trying yet another version of the slow hay feeder, and I think it's working - it's been four hours and Dixie's still out there nibbling on hay. And I put the numbers on the house!

Cersei is three years old now, and just like magic she's calming down immensely. She was never a bad puppy - well, aside from when she ate the windshield wiper knob in my truck... or the iPod cable... or the box of packing peanuts.. Ok, she was a good puppy with some spectacular lapses in judgment. But now she's much more content to sleep all day. Deciding between bed, couch, and sunbeam on the floor is serious business. Of course she came with us on the ride yesterday - she's still totally game for fun stuff.

I should finish the back story posts. And I should update yall on the crazy primal diet - the tl;dr is yes, I'm still on it, and I feel great and very strong. But right now I'd rather stretch out on the couch by the woodstove and read a book. Better posts coming soon!


  1. Labs are so predictable that way...the third birthday goes by, and suddenly you have a lazy house dog. Maybe it will work for JRT/Aussie crosses too?

  2. Fun is for fun. The first year on a new farm is for work and no money. With luck, year two will be less of the first and more of the second (no guarantees, though). Cheap fun is always good, and riding for fun is always always ALWAYS good!

    @dp: if you wanted restful, you would've gotten a throw pillow instead of a JRT or an Aussie...with a JRT/Aussie cross, you can maybe hope for rest when you die.

  3. Oooh, did you say slow hay feeder? Do tell! What have you tried so far, and what's working best? Pics would be great!

  4. That is my current aspiration...to ride for fun without throwing the training bit in to the whole mess. :D

    I would love to spend the day on the couch by the woodstove, reading trashy romance novels and doing absolutely nothing.

  5. Hey, you're doing good to get any riding in at all. Our first year at the ranch there was so much to be done we had little time for riding. It gets better!

  6. Always good to take a break from any kind of training :)

  7. Yes, slow feeder information!! Looking for something for my mares, but it has to be easy or the BM won't do it.

    It's nice to just have an 'ambling ride isn't it =)


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