Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Yall, I have lost thirty pounds. Today I went through my panty drawer and tossed all the too-big undies. (I'm keeping all the too-big clothes - it's almost winter, time to layer!) Yay for primal eating!

I don't look as awesome as Tamara, because I'm not nearly as hardcore as she is. But if you're like me, you're a little intimidated by how hardcore she is. I'm telling you about my own experiences to show you that you can get good results by being halfass primal. Well, more like three-quarters-ass.

I don't usually eat grains (wheat or corn) or legumes. Every now and then I'll desperately want a slice of crispy New York style pizza (Nu Yalk 4 lyfe) so I'll go get one. I don't avoid sugar like the plague - when I think about it, I have a tsp of local honey, which is supposed to help with pollen allergies, and I still have an on-off again relationship with the dreaded Red Bulls. I do consume dairy - heavy cream in my coffee, and cheese when I want cheese. If I was a cavewoman I'd totally catch me a cow or a goat and tame it.

I eat meat, fruit, nuts, veggies, and cheese. I am rarely starving, and I think I eat fewer calories now than I did before, but I don't try to keep count. Yes, it's all expensive, but I eat so much less that I think I'm coming out ahead.

Eating out sucks. There is almost nothing that you can grab for lunch - you have to think ahead and bring food. Your spouse can be a help or a hindrance - my husband is doing the traditional low-carb thing which overlaps really closely with primal eating. A SO who insisted on eating grain-y things in front of you would really suck, so you have to have support.

I never get the starving low blood sugar spikes anymore. I have coffee with cream for breakfast, then I have to remind myself to grab a snack for lunch, then I eat a totally moderate dinner. 1/3 lb of meat doesn't look like much - we always wail about it when we start cooking - but I'm perfectly full on it.

I don't formally exercise, but I do stay busy, as you may have noticed. A lot of heavy lifting! I am stronger now than I've ever been and I just generally feel awesome. In fact I feel so awesome that I have no plans to ever go back to eating "normally." Primal is highly recommended by me.


  1. That is FABULOUS! Good for you!

  2. Thats a hell of a good well done!!!!!

  3. Awesome! GO YOU!!!

    Eating "right" - whatever that means for your body - makes such a difference in how you feel. It's really great that you've found something that works for you!

  4. Congratulations on not only losing the weight, but feeling so good!

  5. Awesome work Funder!!!!! I have also lost 20 lbs by eating and living primally. Like you I am not "hardcore" about exercising or eating strictly by the primal code. But what I am doing is working amazingly well! Congrats and keep kicking some primal butt :)

  6. 30 pounds! That's an entire saddle! Congrats. Eating "normally" is awful for you. Congrats on breaking the bonds.

  7. YOU are AWESOME!
    With begining some good habbits of late...I already feel thinner...will have to get on that dagnammit scale and see if I progress...(to less)! are my hero!


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