Sunday, October 17, 2010

Picture show

Love that goofy horse.
80s glam rock hair

An example of a caltrop plant seed thing:

One of Dixie's rolling spots.
Good place to roll

There is grass coming up in my pasture and my yard!

Yesterday my husband and I hung crown molding, and it actually came out pretty nice.
Yes!  We rule!

I used a lot of Liquid Nails on this wall - it appears to have no studs at all.
Who needs studs? Not us, they're for LUZERS!

Coping out the back of the trim
Coping the back

This room looks pretty classy now :)

Retrospective - Here's what it looked like when we started.

And here's the doorway when I'd just gotten the walls painted and the casing up.
Liquid Nails

Friday I painted the hall, but I didn't take pictures of that. And the hall's only mostly finished. Really I wanted to get the crown up yesterday because I had to have my husband's help - I can paint and caulk any time by myself.

I'm so tired! And sore, and it's going to rain and there will be football soon... nap day incoming.


  1. baasha wants to roll in your soft sandy rolling spot.

  2. Wow, that place is transformed!
    Reggie thinks we put the dressage arena in just for him to roll in. Boomer has his personal wallow, and it looks a lot like Dixie's.

  3. The house is looking really good!! And that first picture of Dixie is adorable! :)

  4. House is looking good! Horse is looking good.. Grass is growing..

    Life is good!

  5. I love the picture of Dixie! When you figure out how to get rid of the caltrop plants, preferably without chemicals, PLEASE let me know. They are a major pain in the feet! I actually have a picture of my niece and nephew trying to pick them off their butts after sitting in them. The house looks great.

  6. Houses are so much work, it's too true. But then liquid nail is a wonderful invention too. ;) Although I think your first shot is my favorite. I like the goat right there too.

  7. Love the great work! Huge diff, and it looks so nice!

    Um, I remember the days is never finished. Gotta leave something for the next folks, that think it cute.

    Dixie...such a fun photo of her and the goat. She's got the best spot to roll, that's for sure.
    Keep it up and think of all the time you'll have to ride..even if it is pleasure riding, that made me hoot!


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