Friday, October 29, 2010

Post birthday post

My Facebook peeps all knew that yesterday was my birthday, but I didn't get around to posting anything about it here. I had a lovely birthday at home - cooked a delicious ribeye steak and a potato - what a treat. My mom sent me an awesome picture of Dixie, decked out in endurance gear - I think I know where I'm going to hang it, and once I do, I'll take a pic for yall. G got me a bunch of awesome clothes. I am one of those people who hates to shop and just wears the same clothes til inappropriate holes force retirement, so it's just wonderful to get clothes as presents. Thin pretty sweaters, a Vikings hoodie, cute sports bra tanks, and a pair of black fleece lounging pants that attract dog hair like nothing I've ever seen. My dad says he sent a birdhouse but the post office appears to have lost it, so he's sending me another one. Both packages will probably arrive on the same day. (Edited to add: My parents are married and my dad mailed both boxes from the same post office at the same time. So it's kinda funny that only one showed up.)

On my birthday, I was lounging on the couch. Cersei was lounging with me. Then the kitten invaded our couch and made herself at home. Cersei was totally appalled and begged me to get rid of it.

The kitten looked totally innocent. I told Cersei that the kitten wasn't hurting anything and she should get over it. Then I scratched her head while the kitten persisted in looking innocent.

I ignored them for a minute and they went to sleep together. D'awwwwww :)

I think the wild quail or sparrows are coming and scratching up Dixie's poop. I pick her paddock every day, even though my compost doesn't seem to be doing too hot - I think she should have a clean place to live. Sometimes it looks like this:

But most of it looks like this, all broken up:

Any ideas?

The wicked and suicidal chickens are now confined in a separate chicken run. They are incredibly pissed, but I think after three tries I've got their wings clipped enough that they can't escape (and kill themselves). I look back at old pictures and they sure have grown. Still no eggs. >:(

One of the Dollies really looks like a rooster to me.

The three banties are tiny. They're wily too.

I finally got the trim in the den mostly finished. One whole half of the room is totally done, and tomorrow sometime I'll paint the other half. I think it looks fabulous and I'm really happy.

I took a video of the tiny goats so yall can see just how tiny they are. They are superior pets, way better than the big goat. Inquisitive without being pushy, friendly without being needy, tiny and funny looking and affectionate. In the video they were eating some goat mineral stuff but decided getting scritches was more important.

Tiny baby goats from Funder on Vimeo.


  1. Happy birthday. I love your goats!

  2. Happy belated Birthday! Sounds like you had a great day, even if one of your gifts was missing. :)

    Cute pictures!!

  3. Happy Birthday! Hope you had a good one!

  4. Happy Birthday! The goats are tiny and so cute!!

  5. Happy belated bday!

    Wee goaties. :3

  6. Are you watering your compost heap? That really speeds things along as well as adding in vegetable peels and such.


  7. See the little bumps on the inside of that Dollies leg? I do believe "She" is a "He." Hens have bumps too, but they are flat, not knobby like that one appears to be. "She" appears to be growing a set of spurs.

    This spring I got 8 Americanas, they were all supposed to be hens. Four of them wound up being roosters, so, sometimes, even the "sexperts" get them wrong during the separating process!

  8. I LOL'd like crazy at Innocent Cat and his super wide-eyes. <3


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