Friday, October 8, 2010

Question for y'all

I have a good number of my original readers still keeping up with me (including Sara, who was my first!) but I think I've got a lot of new people too. Is anybody interested in some "back story" posts?

Also when I get home I am totally publishing here all the funny / snarky comments I've gotten on FB and Buzz about my haypile. Rabbits with fangs and snobby alfalfa! (I suppose I should mention that if you want to friend me on Facebook, you can look me up by my email, funder at gmail.)

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  1. Well YA we want some back story posts! We love the good old days stories ;)

  2. I'd love some back story! And some posts about life on the new property.

  3. I second Terry and Andrea's requests!

  4. Happy to hear back story - even if I've already heard it before!

  5. :D

    I really want to see before/after pics on Dixie - from when you got her in TN as a Performance drop-out to her new life as a desert-conquering endurance horse.

    Are you kept updated on Poppy?

  6. Yes, please. It's interesting to see where we were in the past, and a good story does improve over time and repeated telling.

  7. I think it would be interesting to hear some back story! I only started reading since you lost Champ....

    Glad you enjoyed the Buzz comments. That was the highlight of my work day.....and then of course redgirl totally tops me and I have nothing to say...

  8. I think I started reading just before you left the east--you were waiting to hear on a couple of different locations. It would be nice to discuss the "back story" in relation to the "current story"--the changes it has made for both your and for Dixie.

  9. i started reading your blog when champ died, and would really love to hear what came before that - how did you get dixie, etc.

    i'm still enjoying hearing about your new house and land.



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