Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Beautiful weird Nevada!

Sunday at sunset I stood still for a while. Dixie was chomping her hay, the fence was ticking quietly, the chickens were making little bokbok noises, and the goats were baaaa-ing quietly.

Even dirty horses are gloriously beautiful when the light's right :D

The chickens assembled nearby and preened (and pecked each other).

The sky was amazing.

At least 180 degrees of sky was amazing.

Then it started raining again. :( I mean, rain's nice, and I often thought about how I kind of missed rain, but really. This is a lot of rain! It's been raining since SATURDAY!

The rain let up on my way home from work today, and I saw a double rainbow over my house. It was over the house when I first saw it, at any rate, but when I got closer to home it moved.

Here's the rainbows over Hungry Valley, where the flat bits of the Comstock ride were:
Rainbows and hills

And here they are over the Juniper Hills. Also part of the Comstock trail, and one of my favorite training hills.
Double rainbow!


  1. Apart from the scenery!....The weather is the same!

  2. Gorgeous! Y'all have some simply amazing sunsets out there.

  3. Dixie looks so relaxed and content.
    Montana isn't the only "big sky country" state, that's for sure. I did some field work in Nevada, and it's beautiful.

  4. Lovely bit of rainbow. I feel the same way about rain, I like to say I moved to NM for the sunshine not the rain. So when it dumps for a day it makes me frown too. Pretty shot of Dixie though.


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