Friday, September 23, 2011

Blog bankruptcy declared

I'm too far behind to comment.  Sorry, yall.  I did read everybody's blogs, but I hereby admit that I just can't comment on them all.  Too overwhelming.  I have been all blah'd out and generally feeling emotionally sucky - I have nothing to say about my life and nothing helpful to say to other people, whine whine.  I took that big spotted horse out yesterday and got back on track, I think.

(Email bankruptcy is when you admit that your email is insurmountable and you're just not going to try to respond to any existing messages.  I think blog bankruptcy should work the same way - I will go back to my usual commenting frequency starting from today.)

I'm putting up pictures from Virginia City and last week's ride behind Peavine and I'll get them written up and scheduled.  Yesterday I didn't take any pictures - it was just another summer ride at Red Rocks - but I did convince Dixie to gallop fearlessly canter hesitantly toward some cows. They were hovering around the trailer, eating stray bits of hay. (I didn't hassle them - they moo'd and gallumped about 20 feet away and stopped to glare balefully at us.)  I think she's finally getting the idea that she's higher up the food chain than a cow.

I have no idea if High Desert is still on for October, but if it is, I'm planning on the 25 LD on Saturday. I have convinced myself that anything longer will cripple my horse, and I just don't want to ride Sundays. Everybody else wants me to ride Sundays, but that's the day that G and I sack out and watch football and IM each other about it. It's the only day of the week where it almost feels like he's here and I don't want to miss it.  None of my riding buddies understand this in the least, but there it is.


  1. Oh I sooooo understand. I'm glad to know there's a word for it - I should probably declare blog bankruptcy (and certainly email bankruptcy) too. Sometimes it does get to be overwhelming. That's one of the reasons I don't do Facebook - I would have a meltdown with all those messages to read/respond to!

    Enjoy time with the horse. Enjoy your Sundays the way YOU want to enjoy them. Blog when you feel like it and walk away when you don't. Balance in one's life is an important survival technique of which many people lose sight.

  2. I understand too - so take your Sunday's and scr... um... yah.. everyone else!

  3. I have the emotionally sucky feeling, too--love that phrase. I think its the time of year. So many other people have mentioned this. Happy Autumn Equinox! OK--that was only a little sarcastic. The weather here is gorgeous today--I hope in Reno, too. Have fun with Dixie.

  4. I get the "Sundays are no ride days" thing too. Most Sundays are reserved for Andrew and I to hang out, otherwise I think he would divorce me...

  5. Haha! Perfectly said Fund!

    Never you mind on the comment dept. Those of us who know you ( as well and as deeply as we can in this context) KNOW that you and actually all of us, do ad er can ....blogging is the rich cream of the time. It's special yea, mentioning and sharing the tidbits of living. A journal on living .

    I still get real, whole milk in glass jugs, there is a layer of rich cream at the top. If I feel indulgent I just pour it without shaking it up. But usually I shake it into the rest of the milk.

    Have fun on the ride! Hope you get more cow times...that was funny!

  6. HAHA, I totally feel your pain. I'm so far behind and there are so many I want to comment on! I hate it when I miss commenting on so many cool posts! I want to comment on them all!!!!

  7. Rest, recuperate. We'll be here when you're feeling better!

    Me? I'm pooped. I haven't been sleeping well, worrying about Sugar loose down the road. Now that she's not here, I'm alert to every bump in the night, worrying about her. I'm sure it will get better as she gets better.

    Ride when YOU want, chat with G when you can. Sounds like you're making the best of it and keeping a foot in both worlds. Can't really ask or expect more than that! So those riding friends who don't understand can just hush. ;-)

  8. Blog bankruptcy is a good descriptive term of the condition - I've been right there with you!!

  9. We forgive you! There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking some much needed time for yourself. Besides, football season comes but once a year! :)

  10. ooooooh that happened/is happening to me! i will never be able to catch up on my emails again. hopeless. I am glad there is a term for people in such dire straits as us. and a cure - give up. i'm going to borrow that email bankruptcy term, excuse, and solution! thanks!!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond


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