Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tiny little retrospective for a tiny little dog

I think I got Cersei four years ago. I know it was mid-November, but it was before I started blogging so the exact date is lost in the mists of time. Today is as good a day as any for a Tiny Puppy Photo Show!

I was living in a house in the hood with no heat. Long story, lying landlord, etc - but the point is it was very cold and unusual alliances were made in the name of staying warm. Tiny fluffy kitten Bambers (then called Curtis - he evolves into a new name at least once a year) would sleep ON tiny puppy Cersei.

Tiny puppy Cers appreciated blankets and hoodies.

She even curled up with my other dog, the phenomenally dumb Jaime.

This is possibly the one and only time Bambers ever curled up on a human in his life. He's just weird.

Anyway! Back to Cers, who is much more adorable. She was so small that I got her a belled cat collar so I could keep track of her. She'd get tired halfway through doing chores for my four horses and sit down in the barn aisle and cry. We'd go in the little house at the barn and she'd sleep on my lap while I hung out with people.

She had blue eyes!

When she outgrew the cat collar, I got her the first of her tough hunting dog safety orange collars. Cause, you know, she's a rough and tough duck dog.
Cersei, looking grown up

Eventually she got too big to ride in my lap in the truck and was banished to the passenger seat. Life is hard!
Cersei looking big and cute

Her first snow was fantastically exciting!
My new desktop

Summer of '08 I moved the horses to Como. There was a big cow pond in their 40 acre pasture and Cersei didn't even need me to throw things - she'd just swim around in happy circles in it.

This was my desktop picture for years. I think she was chasing butterflies or crickets.
Goin' somewhere

G insists that she is not, in fact, a tiny little dog. He points to pictures like this, where the curled-up Cersei occupies exactly half of a loveseat, as proof. I refuse to be reasonable. She is still a tiny little dog to me.

She's such a good buddy. She's always been game to do whatever, and now that she's mature she's also game to just sleep on her couch all day. Labs are the best if you can just survive the first three years.


  1. How do I love this post? Let me count the ways:

    I love it to the depth and breadth and height of a tiny little dog!

  2. Border collies are the best if you can survive the first 14 years.

  3. I know all puppies are cute, but Labs are especially adorable! Thanks for sharing, it looks like she's a keeper :)

    dp- That's too funny, we used to have one and I called him my learning impaired puppy. He wanted to please SO badly, just couldn't remember what that "sit" word meant from day to day. He actually became an awesome dog, at about the age of 5!

  4. I agree. Labs are adorable as puppies...wonderful as mature dogs...It's the in-between stages. ;-) But with your active lifestyle...I bet she did well from the beginning.

  5. There is nothing better then a good dog!

  6. You`re dead right about Labs!! They will destroy a home! Chew anything!

    Great dogs though!

    Well done Cersei!

  7. Awwww... so cute as a puppy, so cute now. How can you not love her!

  8. these photos are so precious! you are lucky to have the companionship of all these darling critters :-)

  9. Oh my. Brought tears to my eyes - the puppy Cersei looks so much like my Emma did as a pup.
    I always tell people labs are pups until they are eight. Cersei has reached adulthood early (though I bet she still has her moments of puppy-brain!):) .

  10. Aww, I remember reading your blog when she was still gaingly like in the early pics. She looks like a sweet dog.

  11. I can get pics of Roxanne on the couch for you to show G and compare if you like. Then he might agree that Cersei is tiny!

  12. Saw the fires in your area on the news - hoping you and the critters are safe and out of harms way! :)

  13. Ahhhhh, puppy pictures!

    If those are digital photos, right click on the original and look at the date in properties. You could come close to when you got her.

    Reno has had its share of tragedy this year. Enough already.

  14. That first picture is ADORABLE! Well, they're all cute, but that first one... precious!


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