Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy Solstice night! (All cat pics all the time)

I hope everybody (in the Northern Hemisphere) enjoyed their shortest day of the year. Tomorrow, in Reno, will be one second longer, and you know I'm gonna make the most of it!

G is home for Christmas. He upgraded my middle-aged laptop by putting in a new SSD hard drive and a ton more RAM, and it's like having a brand-new computer. I am just delighted with it.

My sainted MIL sent our usual Christmas box of BBQ. I ate a rack of ribs today, as soon as I ripped open the box, and I'm saving the other rack for Christmas. They were sublime - last year's were pretty good, but this year's are just outstanding.

I realize this is a low-content post, even by my undemanding standards, so I shall close with a ton of pics of the crazy boxcat.

Whenever I go to Costco, I always get my stuff loaded in a box. When I get home and empty it out, I dump the box on the kitchen floor and put some catnip in. Usually the cats wander by and perch in the box for a couple minutes when it's new and exciting, then have lost interest entirely by the time the new box shows up. Last week, Bambers found the Odwalla box:

Yesterday, long after he'd normally have lost interest, he still loved the box.

He's so photogenic.

I promise, better content next time!


  1. last night i gave baasha the last funder treat and then brushed the dust from my hands (there was a bit of dust in the bottom of the ziplock).

    later i turned around and baasha was nosing the ground like a dog in an odd spot where i know he doesn't spill food.

    aha, it was that magic dust! my goodness i've never seen him so keen on a treat.

    for christmas i ordered him 10 pounds of herbal treats and he likes them ok. they're not the horse crack from nevada though: )

    your cat is adorable, wish he were mine!

  2. Happy solstice to you as well! We get way too excited about the days getting longer (even by a second!) up here in the cold, dark north.

    Love the cat pics - he is a very photogenic guy!

  3. Despite being nutz, Banders certainly is a kyoot kitty!

  4. Good BBQ and a happy cat. What more could you ask for.


  5. Cats in boxes - far more entertaining than the electronic box we call a TV. My cat, Allie, has spent many a happy moment in a box.
    An open suitcase will also provide Allie with hours of exploration, as will a paper bag. Christmas bags stuffed with gifts in crinkly paper or easily-shredded tissue paper put her over the moon.

  6. All I want for Xmas is an empty box... or maybe a paper bag... gotta love the kittehs. :)

    Enjoy the solstice Funder. Looking forward to following your exploits in the new year - best wishes for health and happiness to you and yours.

  7. That must be the most comfy box ever! Cute pictures!! :)

  8. Not a cat person but this is one cute cat. Seriously... reminds me of the joy only a cat or toddler can find in a box. =)

  9. I'm with you on the solstice--I think horse people tend to notice daylight more than others! Your boxcat is so cute you could bite him.

  10. Happiness reins! Tis the Season!


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