Tuesday, December 6, 2011


My mom bought Dixie some rhythm beads from Zephyr Equine. They showed up last week, on a brutally cold day, so I hadn't even tried them out til today.

I did put them on the day after they arrived. I went out to feed wearing them and Dixie gave me this "oh god what now" look when I came out of the house a-ringing, but she didn't even bat an eye when I tied them on and led her around. I dunno what she's staring at, but she always gets very bug-eyed whenever we walked down the driveway. Maybe I shouldn't say that - she gets very regal and poses gracefully.

They're really quite nice! Sturdy string, lovely milky purple glass beads and lots of bells. I sort of worried the bells would be annoying, but they're very quiet and unobtrusive. Instead of jingling all the way, we kinda tink-tink-tink'd all the way.

I took Cersei, so we didn't go very far. 6.13 miles in 1:02, just over the gentle hills toward the valley and back in a lollipop loop. She stretched out into an 11 mph rack at one point :) We walked for several miles home, to let her dry off a bit. She was just a fun ride!

Dixie was so mad about getting all sweaty that she refused to pose for pictures. As soon as I took out the camera, she buried her nose in her bucket, got a big mouthful of grain, then snatched it out and hid it on the other side of the bucket. I finally pulled her around by the lead and got a great Pissy Mare pic.

Here's some quick hoof pics:
Front left
Front right left
Front right
Front left left
I need to whack her toes back a bit. She paddles, I guess, and wears the toes unevenly.

When we got back, Cersei hit the goat's water bucket and tanked up. We put the horse and tack up and went in the house, where she settled down in the den and got comfortable before puking up all that water - and the horse poop she'd eaten before the ride. I love my dog. I love my dog. It is my mantra. I love my dog.


  1. UGH. Yay for the beginning of that post and UGH for the end. Before we bought our house we lived at a spot with no shelter for the dogs (other than a big ass covered porch) and my husband insisted on letting them into the guest/computer room for the nights in the winter. We dealt with SO MUCH dog shit and barf in the house that winter, uuugghhh. One of the biggest perks of our place now is that it had a cellar with a dog door already here when we moved in. Hallelujah.

    That is SUCH a pissy mare pic! Lol!

  2. Even through all the puke, poop and pee, you gotta love the canines. I've lost count of the amount of times my dog has come in covered in cow manure (and other nameless scents :S).
    Her hooves look fantastic! So strong!

  3. I love my beads. They sure help move the wildlife out ahead of you getting there. In my case that is a very good thing. ~ E.G.

  4. Ha! She is very mad at you!!

    The joy of dog ownership....

  5. Rhythm beads! I was thinking of making a new set of rhythm beads for my boys. I had a lovely string for Peanut that I made... until I was out hiking with him and he dropped on the trail and rolled until it broke. Hmph.

    I don't know, I think I would rather the dog barf right now. My bedroom reeks of cat pee and I cannot for the life of me figure out where the spot is or who the culprit is. Driving me absolutely batty! Wanna trade?

  6. Rhythm beads - I'll have to look into those for dogs; they sound like they would be a lot less annoying than the bear bells I put on a dog when we go hiking in a forest or berry area.

    As for the drink-and-puke, I have a dog that did that every time we returned from a long walk. I put an Omega Paw ball (stainless steel ball, under $20 at the pet store) in her water dish to stop her from drinking so much so fast, and it eliminated the problem. A large rock might serve just as well.

  7. Those beads look very pretty!

    As for the dog, tell me about it. I had a nice present last night - apparently dinner didn't agree with him.


  8. Glad you like your rhythm beads - I was planning on giving some as a gift this xmas.

    Love the mare with attitude shot. And puke is bad, but what about gas... just sayin' ;)

  9. I've often thought about the rhythm beads, not only because they are pretty, but because I thought they might help me with keeping a steady rhythm while we work on dressage.

    Her feet look fabulous! I still need to learn how to keep my horse's feet "in shape" between farrier visits.

  10. I've been thinking of getting some rhythm beads too...

    Funny, I was thinking her toes can come back too. Can you see the line around both of her feet showing where her toe wants to be?

    The bars look much better now, good job.

  11. I have a string of PURPLE rhythm beads in my trailer, and hardly ever remember to put them on my horse. Maybe you will inspire me?

    Although I'm more than a bit of a scrooge, I do think the sound of sleighbells and the like are quite festive.

  12. I made rhythm beads for my horse once! Everyone thought I was a hippie though -.-

  13. I was trotting down the trail the other day thinking oh how nice, my riding buddy must have rhythm beads on her horse from the light jingling I was hearing, turns out it was something on my saddle and I didn't even realize it..well glad I didn't compliment my buddy on the rhythm beads..lol

  14. I really should get a set of rhythm beads.

  15. Hi you!! Thanks for the friendly-lovely sentiments to us...I'm a wee bit Fa la la la la this year.

    Love that mare! Mine knows the camera too...avoidance and bored face - I have the most HILARIOUS accident ( my part, not the mares!) Photo. I'll post it just for you~ wait for it~

    Glad she settled with the beads...that a major point for them. What a complete site that is! The 2 RWB PATRIOT stri.g-I'm so coveting!! My bear bell is what someone else deemed too Jingling...yes it is..but it works for not only bears...hunters and other riders too. The jingle bell totally carries through the woods!

    Oh dogs...some day ill be dealing with that..for now, its simply Freyda cat hairs.

    Merry, merry !!!! Love knowing you!

  16. Rhythm beads - I have never heard of them, but they sound oh so fun! I think my two would get a kick out of them. Happy holidays to all.
    Bionic Cowgirl

  17. I have a set of rhythm beads too...love em! Also love the pissy mare pic. Dix and Friday probably have a lot in common!


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