Sunday, January 29, 2012

That's more like it!

I took Dixie out for a really lovely 10 mile ride this afternoon. Here's the Strava:

It doesn't look like the Strava shows up in google reader, so if you're interested, click on over to the actual blog to look at it. I do all my reading, right up until the point where I decide I have a meaningful comment to make, in Reader, so I thought I'd warn you too :)

This is the ride I was planning on doing last Wednesday. There's a one-mile segment that Strava is automatically tracking - the mid part of the hill climb - and it took 17:30 to slog up that damn hill Wednesday, and she flew up it in 11:30 today. That's an astronomical improvement. Still, she was dripping wet by the time we made it to the top - I think I will sponge her chest and belly tomorrow and do a bit more clipping. I'm leaving it quite long - it looks like a 3-month-old clip job - so I think she won't freeze.

At about 4 miles we'd worked our way along the top of the hill and there was a very steep long downhill stretch, so I got off and jogged down. My poor Big Leftie complained about it - I don't think I blogged it but I hit it so hard I thought I broke it earlier this month, and it's still bruised - but it felt nice to "trot" downhill on foot. And my faith was rewarded - I found a perfect tree stump (very rare!) at the bottom of the hill.

I worked mostly on keeping Dixie at a consistent speed, and I also didn't check my speed on the GPS once. My watch band is broken so it lives clipped to my saddle - it's not as easy as lifting my wrist up. I am amazed that we were rolling along at 10 mph - it felt like 7-8. She did a lot of gaiting :)

All the erratic stops were from gawking - it was a lovely weekend day and there were a ton of dirt bikes, off-road trucks, and people out target shooting. We often had to slam on the brakes and stare in utter amazement, exactly like she'd never seen a dirt bike/truck/person before.

Dixie was what my riding buddy back in Memphis would've called "spicy." Totally on, sproingy flashy gaits, gawking at everything, just a blast to ride.

You can see she was still PLENTY sweaty. Sorry for the crappy cam-phone pics; they really don't do well at high altitude.

I trimmed her feet after the ride - they look excellent if I do say so myself. I think I've got most of the false sole out and the bars look good and I've been treating her frog cracks with goo and they're opening up pretty well. And I got new gloves! Highly recommended cheap gloves! But I'll take hoof pics and do a post about them tomorrow. I might even take the REAL CAMERA so you can see her feet in the correct colors. ;)


  1. blue skay and dry grund
    above and below : hevven
    I'm dying jellos.

    Not sure why I feel the need to spell things weirdly; probably my brain is waterlogged.

  2. Noooo it wasn't dry ground! It was moist. There were actual stretches of puddles and mud - one small lake in the road was at least one hundred feet long!

    If you were Capitalizing random Nouns it would look like Seventeenth Century Prose.

  3. (Seventeenth century haiku, even?)

  4. Are you talking about gloves for rasping? Do tell! I manage to slice my hand open every time I use a rasp because it's new and super sharp, but I didn't want to buy expensive gloves only to have them fall apart on me. What kind do you use, and where do you get it? (please say online).

  5. Yup, I'm gonna dig up the amazon link and put it in the hoof post tomorrow! They were only like $10 IIRC.

  6. Sounds like a much better ride! You can come clip Blaze if ya want ;) I've never done it and don't own clippers but he is SO fluffy and was sweating a storm on his maiden voyage with the new saddle today. But he still did okay and it was warm enough for a bath afterwards. I guess I'll stick with my ghetto scissor bridle paths, lol.

  7. Gosh it's so gorgeous there. And so DRY! I'm very envious. (Well, compared to here it's bone dry!)
    I love her fluffies. Must got hot, though.
    Shave that girl!

  8. An excellent ride!
    I thought of you today as I started putting together furniture from Ikea. There is a gallon-sized plastic bag full of many sizes and types of screws, etc. Before I let myself feel overwhelmed, I thought "Funder could do it", and got busy sorting them out. I've got the base done, and I'm kinda having fun!

  9. Bird, if it's hot at ROM I'll bring my clippers and you can give your horse (Desire?) a humiliating haircut. (I will not clip your horse because I don't want to be responsible for the results!)

    LL, oh I went at her again today. We'll find comfortable somehow!

    Terry, awwww, that made me smile! :D You rock - I have been known to get infuriated by DIY furniture and stomp off cussing to myself.

  10. I do all my blog reading in Google Reader too. Right now I have over 100 blog posts to catch up on though, which can be demotivating.


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