Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Trailer advice please!

I got some bucket clips that I'm going to bolt onto my trailer, but I'm not quite sure where to put them.

Here's the off side of the trailer.

A haybag (haynet, now that I finally got a small-mesh one!) hangs from a carabiner hooked onto the U bracket. Dixie is tied by her lead to the vertical bar above the U bracket. I'm thinking about putting the bucket holder right where that bucket is now - it could sit on the fender, out of (normal) foot-reach. I like to use those 8-quart flat-back buckets, since I don't feed much concentrate - the larger 20 qt ones irritate Dixie because she can't see while she's slurping up the last grains.

I usually put her water in a 5 gallon bucket or a big muck bucket (depending on the length of our stay) at the back of the fender. She's only knocked it over a few times there, and I check on her often enough that if the silly cow does knock it over, she can just go thirsty for a couple hours. ;)

Is that a good place to bolt a bucket clip? Any better suggestions? I think when I get a hi-tie, hopefully this summer, it'll still be a convenient place to feed. I've got short bolts and cap nuts to attach it, and the capped bolts should be out of her way when she's riding normally in the trailer.

I did a few more improvements too.

I don't want to fill up the water tank, go on a day trip, come home, and drain it before it freezes. I thought about getting those 5-7 gallon camping cubes, but then I decided 5 gallon buckets with snap-fit lids would work almost as well. I tapped holes for eyebolts in the "studs" of the trailer wall and there's a bungee keeping them in place. They're pretty stable, and the lids are tight - I filled them up and rolled them around some and they didn't come loose. Plus, it's a bit more weight up front to help balance the horse in the back. In the summer when I've got the big tank full, I can put hay pellets or grain in the buckets.

Hung a paper towel holder off the doorframe. I dunno about you but I always need paper towels.

Got AERC to send me a BIG sticker with my membership renewal.

The trailer is my woman-cave, and any person-cave needs a sexy calendar. Behold my Swedish Horsemen 2012 calendar! G just rolled his eyes when that package showed up for Christmas. The silver thing is a magnet keeping it in place.

Velcro'd up a little notebook to keep track of trailer mileage / maintenance / repairs.

One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne! Just cause.


  1. Since you and I have the same trailer, I'm ahead of you on this!

    I usually hang buckets (with leadropes or trailer ties, or sometimes baling twine when I'm feeling especially ghetto) from the "window bars", and hang a hay bag from the same hook as the leadrope.

    Decor: love the stickers. love, love, love them. My back door looks a lot like yours, only it's a large PNER endurance sticker instead of one from AERC! Inside the tack room, I've put up a bunch of magnetic poetry words...for those slow afternoons at the trailer, doncha know.

  2. No advice but I LOVE the one ring inscription (you big nerd)!

    I use those buckets too - my local feed store imported them from America and he has no more - I need to find where I can get my hands on some because she has nearly destroyed it!

  3. The only downside I can see to putting a feed bucket on the fender is that if you feed any wet foods (like beet pulp) it might get kind of dirty or stain the diamondplate. Other than that it looks like a good spot.

    Your trailer looks fabulous! The paper towel holder is a great feature, its amazing how many of those a girl can go thru in a weekend with a horse!

    Calendar is pretty nice to :)

  4. http://trotonhank.blogspot.com/2010_09_01_archive.html

    I have more on my trailer stuff. I'll find the others

  5. Here is a bit more. Feel free to ask me about any of it:



  6. Oops, sorry, one more. Forgot about the old trailer on the webshots site:


  7. Nice stickers! Very timely post, I am also installing my bucket hangers. I think I'm going to do like you suggest, so they can sit on the fender. I have a high-tie to install too, which I'm trying to figure out where, dressing room side or opposite? Bucket hooks both sides or one? I also ordered some reflective tape, as my trailer is older without many reflectors/lights. Stealing your notebook idea! It really helps to see others trailers.

  8. I think it would be important to bolt through the sides into one of the "studs", rather than just the "skin" of the trailer--You're not tying anything as destructive as a horse, but it would be a whole lot sturdier, especially if Dixie likes to play with her bucket at all. I want to do the same thing on the wheel well (to help carry the weight), but my trailer is double skinned, and aluminum, so I'm not sure how I will be able to identify the location of the uprights.

    In my tack room, for lighter weights buckets (kitty litter buckets, with various items--one for hoof boots, one for picnic items, etc.) I use the 3M Command Strip cable organizers to put through the bucket bail and attach them to the walls...Don't know if I explained that very well. The cable organizers can be opened and closed, when I need the bucket.

    Love the pinup calender!

  9. ONE RING!

    ... Now that out. Any who, do you follow Karen Chaton's blog? She has a bucket/feed bag/pony set up that I love. I also use my window bars to hang my hay bag off of as well as couple ties to hang the fed buckets from the very same collection of window bars. I do have a few of those enormous muck buckets, one of which is a designated water bucket. I place those on the ground back near the wheel well and when we camp Rose can get all the water she wants. If we just go for a quick bag its just a flat backed bucket... hung from the trusty window bars. It seems to work but I have to say I'm envious of your organizational system in the tack room. Really what I'm jealous of is your ability to know how to drill into your own trailer and install these thing. Pretty freaking awesome skills if you ask me.

  10. Haha, I love talking about trailer accessories and I guess yall do too!

    Aarene, I've tied the feed buckets to the window bars, and if they hang at chest height they swing a LOT. I'm not real happy with that :( Magnetic poetry is a great idea.

    Lisa, thanks! I won't even tell you how cheap and ubiquitous flatback buckets are here. ;)

    CG, yeah, I should get a big black rubber dog bowl for hay pellet mash. (She hates beet pulp.)

    Jonni - I remember when you got the new trailer and customized it. I'll go back and reread those posts and see what all you did, thanks for the links!

    ES - I'll try to check where the studs are. They're very thin, maybe an inch, so I actually can't hang the 2" wide bucket hooks from a vertical stud - I'd have to find a horizontal one. And my trailer is lined with that pebbly plastic sheeting you see on the walls of commercial kitchens - it's not a full double wall construction, but it does hide the studs in the horse box.

    Caitlin - I think it was Jonni who inspired me to have at my trailer with a cordless drill, actually! I thought you had to go to the trailer dealer for crap like this, but nope, just drill baby drill. ;) I'll post about tools tomorrow.

    I do read Karen's blog, but her setup is SO different from mine. Double or triple wall aluminum trailer has a whole different set of challenges for mounting, plus it's like 40' long, lol!

    Irish - I'm lazy. Or, I'm smart and realize saddles weigh twice as much after a ride. I tie the horse as near the saddle racks as I can, so her hi tie will definitely go on the tackroom side!

  11. the PNER sticker is cooler than the AERC one, regrettably. but your LOTR sticker is the best. i recognized it because i made hundreds of little signs and hung them all over downtown seattle the night before the release of fellowship. i used the script to write my name on the signs. (using an online translator)

    i used these bucket clips on my trailer:


    the buckets were resting on the fender. i almost made the mistake of drilling the holes in the wrong place because not all 5 gallon buckets are the same exact size. i was using a bucket that was an award from a ride completion and that one was slightly smaller.

    i remember i did not want the buckets directly under the haybags because it gets so messy but there isn't much you can do about that.

    btw, flat-back buckets are a brand new thing in germany, "made in the USA" and such, and some germans are hesitant about them. (all the barns i've been to have automatic waterers anyway.) i love my buckets and see i'm gonna need new ones soon. probably have to buy those fancy american imports.

  12. Hi-Tie installation:

    If it is one that stays on the trailer, and folds for travel, you need to find a place it will attach TO A BEAM, that will also fold clear of any windows, doors, outside beams.

    Bucket hangers:

    I use the ones that have the pin to hold the handle, and then catches lip of bucket. Only use a few of the holes, as the 9 that it has in the holder was over kill. I did not worry about going in to a beam. If the skin of the trailer is strong enough to withstand a horse on the inside, it is strong enough for a bucket to hang from it. If you are going to just snap them in place, look at the rings I hang my hay mangers from. They fold flush to side of trailer when not in use. What I like about the bucket holders I use is the horses can not push and swing the bucket around on the side of the trailer.

  13. I don't like how things can swing so much from the higher window placement, either--a hay bag isn't TOO bad, but a bucket would definitely scratch/dent the trailer side.

    IF I were doing camping with my horse, I think I would put the hi-tie on the side AWAY from the tack room, to give my horse a more defined "bedroom space"--then move her to the tack room side for "getting ready" time. But then, I don't currently do any horse-camping, so what do I know?

  14. Personally, I'd move the bucket over a bit farther from your water/hay spot. I don't like it when feeding a slurpy and they dribble and drool all into their water and make it all dirty and yucky. Move it over a rib or two, as close to the tack side of the fender as you feel comfortable. That way she'll stand less chance of getting it in her water.


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