Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Acceptable food is acceptable

She dove right in to a pan of beet pulp from the new bag. :headdesk: Lesson learned, yet again: if the not usually picky horse gets picky, don't assume it's the horse's fault.


  1. *chuckle* It's NEVER horses fault - it's always something (one) else.

  2. Glad to hear she's back to eating the beet pulp... I've learned a lot of lessons from Lilly the hard way too. LOL

  3. Kind of odd. The day before you found the "offending article" in your beet pulp, I had talked to Juanita about how we could use pellet stove pellets or beet pulp pellets as cat litter. I figured it would smell better.

    Only I figured on throwing it out afterwards.

    "Say... this beet pulp tastes like $#!T."

    1. We've used wood pellets for cat litter (and pellets made of recycled paper "Yesterdays News") Wonderful, if your cat will use them. Less odor and you don't get that litter dust tracked everywhere.

  4. Oh shit (pun intended)...I had that happen when the colts first got sick. Forgot to put the lid back on the BP tub after morning feeding. Colts wouldn't eat their afternoon feeding. Thought...OMG...They are off feed...Call the vet ASAP.

    Nope...Found the turds in the next feeding. Damn cats!! LOL

  5. That's right, its the cat's fault. lol

  6. Dixie forgives you... ;)

    Pine horse bedding pellets makes excellent cat litter, and cost about a third of the "Feline Pine" brand.

  7. Glad that Dixie ate the beet pulp... I'm still chuckling over the cat using it like a litterbox. Darn cats! ;-)

  8. Cats can be so gross...sometimes I wonder why I bother to keep them around! Between the hairballs, the eviscerated critters around the house and shitting/pissing in random places, they are lucky they are still allowed to live.

  9. CFS, GREAT tip on the kitty litter! I might have to start using that!

    And I KNEW there was a reason I keep all my feed in metal trash cans. It's not just to keep the rodents out, you know!


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