Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Gearing back up

So last week I got to pick up Adventure The Trailer from the repair shop.  They welded in a new "stud" and remounted the hi-tie on it - it's quite good work up close.  Yay!  Let's never do that again, Funder!
 And Evelyn, the Tights Lady, made me new tights!  After VC, I'd emailed her to see about getting the silver-stripe tights patched and getting some fleece tights for my next inevitable "and then it started snowing" ride story.

"Oooh!" she said.  "I've got just the pair in mind for you.  They're really crazy, but they'll be perfect for you!"

"Aiight," I said.  After you've spent two years in neon smiley face tights, "really crazy" is no longer a scary term.

They showed up today and they are incredibly comfortable, warm, and really crazy.  

Yellow full-seat.  (I am sparing you the butt pic.)
 Blue stripe on the left.
Purple stripe on the right.
It's gonna look awesome with my blue-and-purple gear!  BRING IT, SNOW, I'M READY NOW!

(Please, please, gods of snow, stop tormenting me now that I have the right gear?)

Anyway, if all goes well and I don't crash the trailer or lame the horse, I'm off to a day or two at Gold Rush Shuffle over Thanksgiving.  If I manage to avoid frostbite and not inexplicably chicken out and quit, I should get Dixie's and my 500 miles there.  Fingers crossed, please!


  1. Wow the tights look great on you! I have a farm in Ontario Canada, and I live in fleece winter riding tights for almost 8 months of the year. I am always on the look out for warm riding tights. I usually end up wearing high quality long johns underneath. This year I am going to try Back On Track's long johns. Next Month I will review Back On Tracks long johns on my site - Best Horse Products Review - http://www.besthorseproductsreview.com . I am expecting great results,but they may be too warm. The material contains ceramic particles that radiate the heat of your body back creating a perfect cozy feeling. I have their knee brace and I love it! I wear it almost everyday. I am 64 so I am a bit creaky. All the best in your riding pursuits.

  2. Love the tights! So perfect! I have fleece riding ones, but they're just too damn hot most of the time. They'd be perfect for snowy rides though! Have a great time on your next adventure, I'll be interested to hear about the trails at Gold Rush (they look more open, and currently Major and I are better at single-track, which helps mitigate silliness).

  3. Everything looks great - you in your 'crazy' tights and the trailer. Have a really good time - 'cause you gotta get to that 500 mile mark!
    Bionic Cowgirl

  4. How many awesomes are you? I've completely lost count!

  5. Holy hell, awesome tights. Good luck on your 500 mile mark!!

    PS, now I get the comment about sleet. It never fails that I get some sort of frozen precipitation on me at Skymont. The first year it was freezing rain and mud, the second year it was sleet, and this year it was also sleet. Totally sucked when I had not packed my winter tights as there was a 0% chance of rain on the forecast and my warmer tights of the two I had packed had a giant hole in them. Awesome trailer work guy. How does one find such a gem if they too are seeking trailer modifications?

    1. My condolences on your sleet. Totally been there done that, lol!

      Trailer dudes - I looked on yelp, because literally everything out here is on yelp. I mean, there's reviews of self-service car washes on yelp. Anyway - I'd ask all my local horse friends and maybe check craigslist. I can't imagine what you'd need done that you couldn't DIY though!

  6. How awesome that the deities of winter wear were looking out for you and managed to send you tights so fast, and that coordinate with your gear! Have a great ride!

  7. Good luck on the ride! Like the tights! Most "Winter" riding tights are too warm for me too. Twice now I've brought along a cotton pair & changed from the warmer ones 1/2 way through the ride :-)

  8. Sending you lots of wishes for good fortune--happy hauling, sound horse, good weather--and 500 miles accomplished. Go Fixie!

  9. Those are some fetching spazzy tri-polar tights! That plus colorful tat plus new colorful hair=Funder the Endurance Rainbow

  10. I Looooove Evelyn's tights! I corrupted you, you know!


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