Saturday, November 9, 2013

A flurry of updates, part 1: The tattoo is finished

So I got the color finished on my tattoo a couple weeks ago.  It was super-bright at first, then it peeled and looked extra-gross, and now it's pretty much fully healed.  
I really love the colors.  I love her eye.  I love the white, and how as my tan is fading the white pops more and more.  I think the shading on the flowers and leaves is brilliant, and I'm really happy with the dotwork type shading on the horse.
 I spend quite a bit of time looking at my arm and going "awww yeah, that's badass."  And I suppose that's the highest compliment one can pay a tattoo artist?
Awww yeah.


  1. Love it! I want to get a horse-related tattoo myself someday but just can't decide what I want. I especially like the colors in yours!

  2. I too LOVE the dot shading. I've settled on about half a dozen designs for my upcoming tattoo (Matt actually agreed to look at designs instead of saying hell no, so I figure I'm half way there!). Your colors really pop and Dixie's head is just the perfect mix of art and reality.

  3. It's absolutely beautiful! I've never been a huge tattoo fan, but I think your Dixie tattoo has changed my mind:)

  4. Ooh, that is rather wonderful. Lovely design and colours, I am so happy for you that it has turned out so well.


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