Thursday, June 12, 2008

Oh, shit

I'm still alive. Studying for the bar is about all I do right now. It's such a long test, and such a vast array of weird specialized knowledge... Ugh. If I stay on track, I should pass with no problem though.

Cersei is such a good patient dog. I know this has been hard for her - she went from going to the barn every single day to all of a sudden we won't go anywhere exciting for three or four days in a row. I play with her in the apt and take her on little trips - to the grocery or whatever - but some days I just have to stick to my "plan" for the day. If it takes me all day to review property, I just can't stop what I'm doing and take her out to play, or I'll never get started again. Ahh, well. She's a good girl and this won't last much longer.

I'm gonna go to the Germantown Charity Horse Show tonight, and if it's fun, tomorrow night too. And I'm planning on going to visit my own scruffy wild horses this weekend, maybe Saturday or Sunday evening. Just too hot during the day.

Otherwise, it's the rational basis test, Article 2 of the UCC, and common law larceny.

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