Tuesday, June 3, 2008

R.I.P. Girlie

Well, a horse at my former barn died today. Goldie was the dam of the horse James often rides, Surprise.* She was a lovely very pale palomino, grade but gaited. She'd been colicking for two days, but the owner was convinced that she was getting better and refused to call the vet. He did, however, try to give her some mineral oil. By putting it in her drinking water. After she stopped drinking. He was further convinced that she'd be ok because she'd been given two shots of Banamine the day before, and as we all know, Banamine cures colic.

What a fucking dumbass. What a waste of a horse's life. I can only hope he learned something, anything, about taking care of a horse or calling the vet.

*James isn't the owner of either horse.

In other news, I am grimly plowing through property law. Fee simple, life estate, possibility of reverter, and the good old Rule Against Perpetuties. Ugh. I'm going to cook dinner, try and get through the types of concurrent estates (joint tenancy, JT w/right of survivorship, etc) and then watch Battlestar Galactica and drink. If I can get through concurrent estates I'll deserve it.

Tomorrow afternoon I'm going to go ride lil' Lily again. Yay!

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