Sunday, June 1, 2008

Lily, ride 3

Such a sweet little horse. I didn't even gait her, we just walked around, stopped and started, turned, and I got off and on from both sides a lot. Then I let her graze for a while and put her back up with some extra hay. Maybe tomorrow I'll take her across the street on a short trail ride? She's so laid back that I will love seeing her "discover the world."

Oh - apparently redneck horses impale themselves on t-posts just like Internet Horses. One of the rednecks took his horse Hydro (yes, named after the type of weed) to somebody's friend's uncle's place and the damn horse impaled himself. Prognosis uncertain. Looks like The Internet is right about t-posts!


  1. One of the barns i used to board at had a horse that managed to somehow impale himself on something. Seriously. There wasn't a t-post for miles and we never even found blood or hair on the trees or wood fenceposts or anything. If a horse can launch chest-first onto something that will hurt him . . . he'll do it with pleasure! Horses are wierd.

  2. That's kinda why I don't worry so much about mine. Yeah, they're in a field contained behind horse-eating fencing... but it's a Very Large Field. Plus, they're a definite herd - not much fighting for position.

    Poor Hydro. His owners aren't calling the vet any more than Girlie's owner did. :(

  3. I've seen a photo of a horse that ran into the farrier's anvil in the yard, gaining a great anvil-shaped hole in his chest. There was no obvious reason for him doing this.

  4. The last time I went by - last Thursday - Hydro was STILL ALIVE. He doesn't look like he really wants to be alive, but he's hanging in there. Poor horse.


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