Thursday, May 29, 2008


Damn I'm good.

My main reason to start this blog was just to have a place online (in case my laptop melts down) where I have a record of animal stuff - deworming, pictures, hoof trimming, etc. I am convinced that I can't be trusted to keep track of shit like that (mainly because I can't actually remember what happened last week.) But I've started noticing that I'm better than I thought.

Yesterday I started worrying in the back of my mind about whether it's time to deworm the house pets. Then I forgot. Today I remembered again, and I checked here, and whaddya know - it's been exactly a month. So today Cersei got her Iverhart and Promeris and the cats got their Advantage.

Also, cats are pretty amusing. While I was out this morning they knocked their scratching post off the desk. When I came home I picked it up and set it in the chair. They've been exploring it ever since. Familiar chair + familiar scratching post = Entirely New Structure!

Curtis has been eating some strange food lately. He's such a wicked little beggar that I'll usually give him a bite of my food when I'm done. In the last week, he's had oatmeal, raw cabbage, and whey protein powder drink. Pro tip: When The Internet says "cats are usually lactose intolerant," that really means "if you feed your cat some whey protein drink, he will hork it up in three different spots on your carpet within 5 minutes of consumption."

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