Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Big update!

Wow, I know it's been a while.

I had no internet for a week or so. I never bothered to get my own internet at my apartment, because Comcast wanted a lot of paperwork and there were a couple of open wireless AP's nearby. But good old default went down for a week! Oh no! It was terrible, truly terrible. But probably for the best.

I got all my exams taken (and presumably passed) and got my paper turned in. The last exam, Family Law (aka "How to get divorced and fight over the kids"), was truly terrible. It was the hardest test I've ever taken. Closed book, 62 multiple choice, each one exploring the outer boundaries of several different statutes. But we all felt like we bombed it, and we think she curves to a C, so presumably we all squeaked by.

Friday I moved the horses to Como. They are truly in heaven. They didn't even look up when I left. I'm so happy for them, but not taking care of them is starting to drive me slightly batty. I have gone to that barn every day and fed my horses for TWO YEARS. I'd miss a day a month - call a friend and ask her to feed - but I bet I drove out and fed 590 days out of 600. Every day the little nagging reminder in the back of my head goes off about 5 - "go feed the horses" - and I have to consciously think "nope, they're feeding themselves."

Graduation was Sunday. My entire rapt audience consisted of my husband and my mother in law. Yep, neither of my parents showed up. My dad had already paid the entrance fee to sell his birdhouses at some festival in Collierville - he signed up for it and paid the fee without realizing that it was my graduation weekend. I'm a little sad about that. But my MOTHER didn't show up either, because she can't find anything in Memphis. She had a panic attack and didn't even try to come. My feelings were pretty deeply hurt, honestly. But whatever, holding a grudge won't do me any good.

Graham gave me a big WOOO when I walked, yay! Ok, down here at official things like graduation, we have this really clear racial distinction between graduates. A white graduate's family all does the "golf clap" - the very polite little clapclapclap. A black graduate's family all makes as much noise as possible. They scream out the graduate's name, whistle, clap as loud as possible, and yell WOOHOO. It's a pretty awesome tradition, IMO. You can really tell that their families are really proud of them. Graham knows I think it's cool that black people yell, so he yelled for me. XD

Default's network is back up for the moment. We're working on a longer-term solution - I made a warranty claim on my old smartphone that won't charge anymore, and reactivated the unlimited data plan with tethering. Once the replacement phone arrives, I should be able to "tether" it to my Mac and have internet wherever I have a phone signal. It's not quite that easy - I have to convince the Mac that the phone it sees over Bluetooth is a modem, and convince the phone to act as a personal area network - but it's doable. Says Graham. If it all works, it'll be fairly fast broadband for an extra $40 or $60 a month.

Other than that - I've got a lead on a job that I need to follow up on. Graham bought a laser pointer and is running the cats (and the dog!) ragged. We also got the cats some catnip, so they're getting baked before they try to kill the red dot. And Graham brought me all the Battlestar Galacticas, so I'll have something to amuse me after he leaves!


  1. Congratulations on your graduation! :-) I would have yelled for you too. And you're SO lucky to have all the Battlestars! I don't even have 2.5 yet. :-(

  2. Oh HEY! I meant to come say hi on your blog way back when but I got busy and forgot :( Glad you're still around! Roxie is a lovely big girl :)

  3. Thanks! :-) She is so fun. We are going on a trail ride this weekend so the next post should be a good one. My friend Tyanne is riding Roxie; I'm going to try to survive a wild ride on Roommate Horse.


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