Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Someone please post something.

I am rewriting that damn seminar paper. (The role of courts of equity today in Tennessee - did you know the Chancellor can totally give punitive damages? Pretty trippy, if you understand those terms at all, and if you don't understand them you really don't want to.)

Anyway, it is obvious that I am rewriting that damn paper, because the clothes are all washed, the floor is vaccuumed, the catbox is clean, I made my wrist hurt from playing too much computer jigsaw, and I'm contemplating sewing up a hole in a sock. I am also completely caught up on any blogs that interest me. So this is a plea to the internet - please, someone, post something. Otherwise I will have to go back to reading cases with lines like this: "The cause was heard by the Chancellor on the original bill, as amended, the answer of the defendant, and exhibits, on a motion of the defendant to dissolve the injunction. The Chancellor sustained the motion, dissolved the injunction and dismissed the bill."

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  1. Since I don't have a blog (save an ancient livejournal which is best left forgotten), here's a post of sorts for you.

    Did I tell you about the hussy of a horse at our barn? That was surprise pregnant and was won in a raffle in December without a pregnancy being disclosed? I think I did. She foaled Saturday night - totally unexpected too. They have been taking her temp twice daily and testing her milk, but she was showing no signs of being ready to pop. So, the Sunday barn worker (a co-worker of mine) shows up to find an extra horse in the pregger mare/foal field. She had foaled sometime in the night, the placenta still hadn't passed (typical friesian), but at least the foal seemed ok.

    The mare did not like the filly. She would kick her as she tried to nurse and was generally grumpy. She eventually passed the placenta, but she kept going down so they called out the vet. Colic was diagnosed, she was oiled, but they weren't happy with the results.

    That night at about 7, they load the two of them onto the trailer and take them to New Bolton (the famous Barbaro hospital). Once there, they open up the mare to find her colon completely twisted, looking horrible, and in a place they can't do anything about. Why? I don't know. They almost put her down right there, but decide to close her up and see what she does on her own.

    She's starting to do better, to the surpise of the staff. Now, we (the barn collective) are brainstorming names for the filly. They might actually be able to come home soon, but the mare probably won't be making enough milk and the foal will have to be handfed. Hourly. Around the clock.

    Oh, and the foal is fighting an infection that probably started in utero. But, she's doing well.

    And the mystery sire? Every time they talk to the old owner the story changes. She now admits that this mare was turned out, as a two year old, with two friesian colts - both under two. FHOTD would love this. Oh, and the mare's sister gave birth to TWINS 9 days before this foaling. Also an unplanned pregnancy. How grand!

    I'm just glad that the mare is doing better and the foal is doing well, but now she's at a high risk of colic. Colic is one of the biggest killers of friesians anyway, and she's now at a disadvantage.


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