Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Oh, sweet internet, how I missed you!

Yep, it took the Apple store a *week* to fix my computer. I'm not mad at them - they were shorthanded - but I sure did miss the internet. With no TV and no books (the books are in storage, and the computer doubles as a TV), it was a very long week. I mean, I needed to study - and I did - but there wasn't anything to do in that winding-down period at night.

The kittens died sometime Wednesday night. I'd been giving them antibiotics, and it really looked like they were starting to improve. They were actually playing a little before I went to sleep that night! But they must've crashed that night because they were dead in the morning.

They were really sick. And really small for their age. I keep thinking if I'd taken them sooner they might have made it. But I didn't really want to pull them off their mom and hand-raise them. I keep telling myself that I can't save them all.

In less morbid news, I've arranged to have Champ, Silky, and Poppy hauled down to Como on the 1st. I don't want to pay a dime more in stall rent than I have to. I can't take Quinn til I finish paying for her, but hopefully she'll only have to stay in Frayser for another month. Jen is going to take care of her for me.

The new (crazy) barn owner decided Sunday that Cersei can't come to the barn off-leash anymore, so I'm just not taking her to the barn anymore. It really sucks that she can't play with Sam and burn off all that energy, but it would suck worse to bring her out there and tell her she couldn't play with him.

Wanda's Belgian keeps beating up the other horses in the big pasture. Somebody, presumably him, cornered Jen's 2 year old TWH and beat the snot out of her. Wanda was told that she couldn't turn the Belgian out with the other horses anymore. Today she told Jen that one of the kids told her that it was actually Poppy and Champ who beat up the little TWH - through the fence, magically. Maybe they did, I don't actually know. I doubt it.

All I know is that I'm counting the days til I can leave that place behind.

Sorry for the grim post! I'm off to watch the new Dr. Who episode.

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