Sunday, April 6, 2008

Floods, part one zillion

tl;dr: Water still very high.

Long version:
The water at the chain-link fence has reached the top. The driveway I see on my way up to the barn is now officially six feet under.

Saturday James and I went out to see what we could see. All we could see was water - we crossed the road, went by the football stadium and up the soybean field, and just let the horses graze. The last 50' or so of the bean field is under water. The trail leading to the dead-fish lake is under water. The woods at the end of the field - the entire forest - is underwater! A pair of mallards were quite annoyed at our presence, and a lot of big fish were sploshing around in the field.

We found a "lay" of some kind right near the water. The foot-high grass was smashed down in a couple of irregular oval depressions. Our top three theories: deer, coyotes, or ducks. Personally, I'm leaning towards deer. I've seen deer lays, and they're pretty similar. Deer in the daytime tend to lay up in open fields. But the lay we were looking at was really near the water, and some of the depressions were fairly small. Maybe a couple of does with fauns?

We talked a little about the impact these floods have had on the local ecosystem - of course, we didn't say things like "impact" and "ecosystem," cause we're pretty country. :) We were wondering where the deer are hiding now, and what's happened to all the snake eggs, and what about the squirrels and chipmunks? We're eagerly waiting for the flooding to recede so we can see what's changed.

The NOAA says the MS is still not through flooding - the water should go up another foot in the Big River over the next couple of days. That means the Loosahatchie will stay full, and the creeks feeding it will stay overfull, and the fields will stay flooded, and DAMMIT I probably can't ride anywhere cool next weekend. Grump.

Update: The NOAA says the Loosahatchie at Arlington (about 10 miles upstream) is totally through flooding - 2' below normal now. Maybe the water will recede? Researching floods is totally new to me.

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