Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Invisible floods, part four

So the MS has crested, I think, but it's not obvious. The Loosahatchie and Wolf are still going up.

I went to the feed store today, and as always I checked the views of the river from the highway. The spot where the horses were almost swimming two weeks ago? Yeah, they'd be swimming now. There are some signs on the dirt road, something to do with the pipeline running under the road - they're orange, maybe 7' tall, spaced every quarter mile or so, with mile markers on top. I couldn't see any of them. There's at least 7' of water on top of our little dirt road a half mile from the river!

On my way to the barn is a flooded driveway near the Wolf. The driveway runs down a little hill then back up another hill, and it's been flooded in the low spot for a couple weeks now. A 6' chain link fence runs alongside the driveway. Sunday I noticed that the water was halfway up the fence. Today, there can't be more than 18" of chain link still sticking up out of the water. It's just amazing.

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