Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Another nic patch dream

Jen knows lots of horsey people, and she hooked me up with a place closer to home to board Poppy. Free board, in a lady's backyard, in the beautiful snowy mountains* of West Tennessee, just 20 mins outside of Memphis. I also boarded the cats there, in a water garden. They're water cats. They acted exactly like that damn Russian Fishing Cat. But enough about the cats, this was a Poppy dream.

I rode him all over the mountains, with a bunch of teenagers cowboyin around at top speed on little QHs. He was Poppy, all laid back. Unsurprisingly, he rode like a dream - his trot was as smooth as Champ's, and his canter was like riding a cloud. And he listened.

I woke up reluctantly, desperately wanting to ride my dream-Poppy. I hope he's like that IRL one day soon.

*There is no such thing as snowy mountains in May for hundreds of miles around. Wish there was!

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