Monday, May 19, 2008

No pain no gain, right?

I hurt SO BAD today. My poor quads are really not happy with me. All that riding Saturday, plus a little riding yesterday, and I feel like tenderized meat.

Oh yeah, I went to the barn yesterday after I visited my horses. Hung out with my friends and got roped into riding Candy for a few minutes. Candy is like a nicer QH version of Champ. She's dead broke, kinda. She will do what you say, but only if you mean it - bad or uncertain riders can't get her to lope, and only a really good rider can get her to open up and run like she means business. Anyway, she knew I was sore, but she cantered a bit for me.

I now remember why I like walking horses. Man, she's got a rough trot. She'll teach you to post, that's for sure!

But anyway, I feel like I got hit by a truck. I think that means I'm just seriously out of shape. I think when I start studying for the bar I'll try to go ride somebody's horse every evening. There are plenty of people at the barn with mostly-broke horses that need riding, and I'd rather ride than work out, and it's good to decompress from a lot of mental work with some physical work.

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