Tuesday, May 27, 2008

FHOTD nailed it

Ok, this is what I was trying to talk about the other day. Halfpassgal is an amazing rider. I think it's because she concentrates on riding instead of worrying about how she's about to die. I still don't quite have the words to explain my "shut up and ride" idea. Hmph. :-/

Also, I've ridden little Lily twice now! Jen let this yahoo ride her over the weekend, and I was like "wtf I can do better than him and I weigh less too" so I asked if I could ride her. Jen said yes, so... I sucked up and quit thinking about dying and rode yesterday and today.

Lily is a really well-gaited little horse. She's 2 1/2, which is younger than I like but not so young that I have to refuse as a matter of principle. She's a very quiet little mare. Very sweet, pretty smart, and just a bit spoiled. Yesterday was "you gotta go forward when I want you to" and today was "oh and you have to let me steer too." She is not real thrilled with being a grownup horse that gets ridden, but she doesn't hate it either.

In other news, studying for the bar is boring but I'm learning a lot.

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