Monday, August 25, 2008

Bizarre catalog, part 2

I was cleaning up and found The Catalog again.

With sterling silver. And colored stones. Not even real gems - "blue stones," "pink stones," etc. They're very pretty halters! I'm just not sure I'd ever pay $219 to $389 for a halter, no matter how pretty.

I'm used to seeing bizarre and horrible curb bits in catalogs. (Hell, I'm used to seeing bizarre and horrible curb bits on horses!) But snaffles, not so much. Yeah, slow-twist full cheek snaffles are not especially kind, but they're not especially evil either.

How about a twisted wire snaffle? A ONE-EIGTH INCH twisted wire snaffle? Available in stainless steel or copper!

Or a "ridged" snaffle? "A gentler version of the primitive 'woodscrew' bit. Raised ridges with smooth, flattened tips provide pressure, not pain, when used correctly." I just don't see how any contact from a bit that looks like a very large machine screw could be anything but excruciating. It looks exactly like a "wire wrapped" bit, except with much finer ridges.


  1. I can't imagine what draft prices would be like outta there!

  2. Nope, sorry, nothing at all for Klein - except one flysheet. The "Big Fella Flyshield" is only $90 and ranges from 84"-94".

    Seriously, how the hell did I get on this catalog list? I have TWHs and a draft! Why am I getting a QH/Arab show horse catalog?!

  3. I never get the fun catalogs, just a zillion catalogs from Dover saddlery that all say the same thing and, whoops, all come to Rick too.

    We were told that we had to ride Gene in a slow twist snaffle. We got to Legacy, Leeandra looked at it and told us to get rid of it, he doesn't need it. We ended up giving it to her, she eyed it suspiciously and said she wouldn't need to use it but she'll add it to her collection anyway. We ended up riding him in a big ol' hollow mouth snaffle, and he was just dandy. Of course, now it's bitless.



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