Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Eeee I'm so productive!

1) Finished an extra job which netted me more than enough money to pay my Horse Bill this month.

2) Got the horse move finalized. This took three phone calls. Number of phone calls required is a measure of difficulty for me because I really don't enjoy talking on the phone.

3) Talked to one of my friends from the Old Barn - she's going to be moving down to MS, pretty near the New Barn, sometime before the end of the year. I encouraged her to try some dressage lessons and maybe board her horses with my horses. She will probably eventually do both. We compared notes on recent Old Barn Drama.

4) My one friend called his (distant) cousin who is a judge in central Mississippi. He has been meaning to call his cousin for two months now, but is obviously an even bigger procrastinator than I am. After all this buildup... he got voicemail. Oh well. Friend left a message and hopefully cousin will call friend back and want to call me and hire me. Then I will uproot everything again and move to the middle of Mississippi. Whatever - anything, as long as it's lawyerin' and not in a city!

Now I've answered (some) email and read yall's horse blogs and I'm soooo tired and I've got a normal day of work starting too early tomorrow. Blah.

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  1. I'm with you on phone calls. Huge activation energy required. Would rather email any day, but some things just don't work that way.

    Any news for us about the bar?


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