Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Most bizarre catalog, part 1

I've been meaning to bring this in from the truck and share it with yall for a while now. I've got some horsey updates (new stable!), but I finally remembered the damn catalog so this comes first!

I don't know how I get these catalogs. I honestly haven't ordered anything horse-related in over a year - my last purchase was $200 worth of dewormer, but I went in on a group buy with a friend and she had it shipped to her. Well, either National Bridle (unlikely), KV Vet, or sold my info. What's even weirder though is that I've moved twice since I last ordered something. And the catalogs are coming to "Me, or current resident, at current address." How do they know where I live? Spoooky!

Mostly I get relevant catalogs. Sometimes it's crap like horse t-shirts and horse figurines and horse throw rugs, and sometimes it's things like "buy your own indoor, built on site for you for only $900/mo!" This catalog, however, is noteworthy.

Anyway, apparently this catalog is oriented toward show owners of Arabs and Quarter Horses. It was pretty normal blah blah horse stuff - blankets and clippers and brushes - til I got to the middle. Direct contact Romel Reins. Ok, they look pretty - all beaded and silver and stuff. How much? Cheapest ones - ON SALE $469.95. Most expensive ("heavyweight") - ON SALE! $849.95. Eight hundred fifty US dollars. For reins. 33 oz split leather reins. With doodads.

I will never understand show people.

Tomorrow - QH show halters.

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