Thursday, September 24, 2009

Gone fishin'

The big problem with moving somewhere new is figuring out what's weird and what's odd but otherwise normal for the area. I've seen some odd stuff, but nothing really stunningly weird til today.

Cersei and I went across the highway and up a dirt road into the Peavine Mountains. I threw The Ball down a canyon until she was exhausted, then we headed home. Back down by the highway there were two guys standing in the road and one of them was waggling a stick...? As I got closer, I could see what was really going on - it was a fishing pole, and he'd somehow snagged the hook in the power line about 20' above his head. I busted up laughing when I figured it out - then his buddy saw me laughing and started laughing too. As I drove past, he was pointing at my truck and telling the inept fisherman that yes, everybody thinks this is very amusing.


  1. Next time you see the Inept Fisherman, you can tell him that people several states distant are laughing at him!

    WV= itombipa
    The new "power bait" being sold to fishermen trying to catch powerline birds....

  2. Hahahaha!! Dude how on earth did that guy not get electrocuted??


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